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Mr. Ebenezer Cox

Wellingborough News, 10th May 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Bankruptcy Act, 1884. — Re Ebenezer Cox. — The New Inn, Rushden.
Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, TRADE UTENSILS, Spring Cart, Boots and Shoes, Cut Leather, &c.

Messrs. Pendered and Son
ARE instructed by the Official Receiver, under the above Bankruptcy, to SELL BY AUCTION, on Thursday, 15th May, 1884, upon the premises of the New Inn, Rushden, the whole of the Effects, viz.:
OUT-DOORS—Spring cart, set of harness, chaff cutter, tubs, pails, forks, hampers, forms, boxes, wood, water butt, &c.
LEATHER STOCK—170 lbs. split Blucher backs, 90 odd uppers, 54 odd boots and shoes, 2 dozen satin calf, 6½lbs. boot legs, rough split pieces, linings, elastic, 1cwt. studs and rivets, sundry odd leather, 5 sewing machines, lot of sole knives, steelyards, &c., &c.
FURNITURE —2 eight-day clocks, eight-day dial, 2 American clocks, large oil paintings, 6 engravings (framed), chimney glass, 18 Windsor chairs, elbow chair, high chair, glass case, 4 seta of drawers, tables, 2 copper kettles, fenders and tire-irons, brass kettle, warming pan, 2 long tables, 4 mahogany tables, mahogany Arabian bedstead and furniture, 4 iron bedsteads, spring mattress, 6 cane-seated chairs, mahogany couch, washstands, dressing tables, chamber services, toilet glasses, 2 clothes baskets, wash tray, and the bar utensils.
Also the whole of the Trade Fixtures, including a four-pull Counter Beer Engine (unless otherwise disposed of).

The Wellingborough News, 25th July 1885, transcribed by Gill Hollis

The Bankruptcy Act

A first dividend of 4s 6d in the pound has been officially declared in the estate of Mr. Ebenezer Cox, formerly of the New Inn, Rushden. The particulars of the bankruptcy are of interest, as showing the working of the new Bankruptcy Act. The assets, which, in May 1884, were estimated to realise £100 9s 1d, have yielded £93 16s 1d. The Board of Trade and Court fees amounted to £3 8s; the charges of the auctioneers, accountants, &c., to £7 10s 3d; and the other expenses of realization and distribution, of which no details are given in the official statement, to £17 11s 5d, making the total costs £28 9s 8d. Preferential claims have absorbed £5, and £57 3s has been appropriated to the payment of a dividend of 4s 6d in the £ on unsecured debts amounting to £253 8s 4d; a balance of £3 3s 5d being carried forward. The assets unrealised are described as freehold and copyhold property at Rushden of which no estimate can be given. It would therefore appear that it has taken fourteen months to get in less than £10, and that it will have cost £28 9s 8d to realise and distribute £57 3s among the creditors.

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