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The Rushden Echo, 27th January 1911, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Rushden Currier’s Failure

Creditors’ Meeting

Slight Deficiency

Yesterday a meeting of the creditors of Mr. Charles George Cunnington, currier, Rushden, was held at Mr. F. Roberts’s office, Northampton. Mr. F. McPherson, of Messrs. Wallace Ware and Co., was in the chair.

The statement of affairs showed unsecured liabilities of £3,183/0/6. This was made up at £1,970/3/10 due to unsecured creditors and £1,212/16/8 due beyond securities to partly secured creditors. The gross liabilities are £5,845/17/2.

The Assets

amount to £2,437/15/0, and include stock-in-trade (cost £1,883/16/10) estimated the produce £1,650, book debts £480 cash in hand £2/15/0, machinery and plant estimated to produce £300, horse, carts, etc., £30, total £2,462/15/0, less £25 due to preferential creditors. The creditors fully secured claim £450, and other security is valued at £750. The surplus goes to creditors partly secured, whose claims are £2,212/16/8, and whose securities are valued at £1,000.

The deficiency on these figures is £745/5/6.

The principal creditors are Messrs. H. T. Pearson and Co., £263; Messrs. T. and H. Wilkes, £462; Messrs. Wallace Ware and Co., £469; Messrs. Voss and Co., £162.

It was resolved that an assignment be made to Mr. F. Roberts with a committee of inspection consisting of Mr. McPherson, Mr. Grundy (for Messrs. T. and H. Wilkes), and Mr. A. C. Palmer.

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