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Wellingborough News, 14th December 1894, transcribed by Kay Collins
John Ealey - grocer and draper

Tuesday - Before Dr. Faulkner, Registrar

Re JOHN EALEY, of Rushden, grocer and draper—This debtor came up for adjourned public examination.—Examined by the Official Receiver (Mr. A. Ewen, Bedford), the debtor said he began business at Bourne, in 1886, after leaving Barnet, where he was in business about eight years. He had previously been "on the road." He had £100 capital when he started at Barnet, and £320 when he commenced at Bourne. He started at Rushden in March of this year. He might not have been solvent when he started at Rushden, and most of his liability of £356 was in respect of the Bourne business. He sold the Bourne business for £529, and, with the exception of £125 with which he took the Rushden business, he paid all the money away to creditors. He sold the Rushden business two days before he filed his petition for £69, stock included. He paid £40 of the £69 to Mr. Parker, who was acting for him, and £31 to pay out an execution. Two years after he went to Bourne he paid his creditors 10s. in the £, and went on again.—The examination was formally adjourned.

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