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Electricity - notes

The Rushden Echo, 16th February, 1906, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Electric Power For Rushden
The Application to The Board of Trade
To be Opposed by The Urban Council

At Wednesday’s meeting of the Rushden Urban Council, the Clerk said he had received a letter from the secretary of the County of Northampton Electric Power and Traction Co. Ltd., a copy of which had been sent to each Councillor.

The letter was as follows:-

With further reference to your letter of Dec. 30th, I am directed to bring to your notice a few particulars with regard to electric power supply, which may not have been sufficiently considered by your Council.

The trend of electrical development is very clearly towards supplying over large areas so that, owing to the great output, economies in price to the consumer can be made which it is impossible for small local stations to attain.

The supply of cheap power under the most comprehensive arrangements in a place like Rushden will not only stimulate the present industries but will also

Attract Other Manufacturers

to the neighbourhood. At present the manufacturers in London and other large towns are being forced by high rents, rates, &c., to remove their works to the provinces, and they naturally select conveniently situated districts where land and power are cheap.

The Wellingborough, Rushden, and neighbouring districts are very well situated, and as power could be obtained at a low figure there is no reason why some of the London industries should not find a new home there. This would increase the prosperity of the neighbourhood and add to the welfare of the community in general.

Your Council is aware that we were associated last year with a Bill which included a comprehensive scheme for power supply over a large area and


to link up the principal towns. This scheme had the cordial support of your Council, and we trust that you will not now withhold your support to our present step in this direction.

The Company have not changed their views but the opposition displayed by the Chairman and certain other members of the County Council to the wishes of the districts concerned, which caused the last year’s Bill to be rejected, has necessitated other means to bring this about.

I am, therefore, to ask for the concurrence and support of your Council and to express the hope that we will be in agreement before the Board of Trade.


The Chairman (Mr. Clipson) said that a representative of the Company had seen him and expressed the hope that the Urban Council would not proceed with their opposition to the Company. If the Council proceeded with the opposition, the Company would ask the Board of Trade to dispense with the Council’s consent. The Company had the consent of the Higham Ferrers Town Council and of the Wellingborough Rural District Council.

In reply to a question, the Clerk said the resolution of the Urban Council was to oppose the Company with a view to proceeding themselves with a scheme for electricity.

Mr. Bazeley hoped the Council would adhere to their decision.

Mr. Ballard did not think the position had changed since the question was last before them. He moved that the letter be laid on the table.

Mr. Bates seconded, and the motion was carried.

Rushden Echo, 23rd February 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Electric Supply Co.
The Fourth Annual Report – Dividend at Three Per Cent

The 4th annual report of the directors of the Rushden and District Electric Supply Co. Ltd., is as follows:-

The hopes expressed in the last report ahev been fully realised. The number of consumers has increased from 79 to 123. Lamp and motors (reckoned as lamps) have increased by 6,380, making a total of 11,941, viz., lighting 2,807, power 8,790, heating 344, and the units sold have been 249,788, nearly 4½ times more than in 1914. The horse power of motors has increased from 101½ to 292½, of which 290½ is let out on hire. Distributing mains have been laid to the extent of 1,208 yards, making a total of 4 miles 1,487 yards. The revenue from the sale of current has increased from £463 to £1,699. In view of the rapid development of the undertaking, orders have already been given for extension to the generating plant, which will practically double the available capacity of the works, and which it is hoped soon to get into commission. After setting aside £300 for depreciation of plant, etc., the directors feel justified in recommending a dividend on the share capital at the rate of three per cent. This would amount to £480 4s. 9d., leaving £89 15s, to be carried forward to 1916. Mr John Clark retires from the Board in rotation, and offers himself for re-election, The auditor, Mr F Roberts, retires, and will be proposed for re-election.

Rushden Echo, 5th July 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rushden and District Electric Supply Co., have given notice that, owing to the increased costs of production, the price of current will be advanced by twenty per cent for power and twenty-one-and-two-thirds per cent for lighting and heating as from the Midsummer meter readings.

Rushden Echo, 19th February 1926, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Electric Supply Co. – Extension of Mains to Raunds
The 11th annual meeting of the Rushden and District Electric Supply Co. Ltd, was held yesterday. The report was as follows:
Continued progress has been made during the year. An extension of the mains to Raunds was almost complete at the end of the year, and an extension to Sharnbrook is in hand. A Special Order has been obtained increasing the Company’s area of supply to include Thrapston and Oundle. Lighting and heating connections have increased by the equivalent of 8,127 32-watt lamps, making a total of 27,871 connected. Motors have increased from 1,091 horse power to 1,182. The maximum load was 610 kilowatts, and the number of units sold increased from 954,892 to 1,131,091, and increase of 32 per cent. Distributing mains have been laid to the extent of 2 miles 2 yards, making a total of 13 miles 310 yards, and extra high tension mains 3 miles 479 yards, making a total of 5 miles 1,576 yards. In Junes an issue of £25,000 5 per cent debenture stock ........................

Rushden Echo & Argus, 26th February 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins

Electricity—An increase of nearly 13 per cent, in the number of units sold is reported by the directors of the Rushden and District Electric Supply Co. Ltd., whose 25th annual meeting will be held next Monday. The number of units increased to 7,604.478, and the maximum load was 4,210 kilowatts. Three miles of distributing mains were laid, making a total of 75½ miles, with 68 miles of extra high tension mains. A sum of £6,896 has been set aside for depreciation, together with £500 as a special provision for depreciation of buildings; £1,500 has been carried to the Reserve Fund and £200 to the Employees' Benevolent Fund. A final dividend of 4½ per cent., making 8 per cent, for the year, will require £4,050, leaving £2,723 to be carried forward. Principal receipts in 1936 were: Sale of current £47,734, public lighting £1,083, rental of meters £2,407.

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