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George Street Corner
George Street junction with High Street (left) is opposite the
Palace Cinema - postcard from about 1920.
The shop left of the street was Horace Wills' at 38 High Street
Cleaver's Chambers
The door to Cleaver's Chambers at 36 High Street
In 1936 J T Parker & Son solicitors, were upstairs, with Anne's specialist gowns in the shop at ground level
early 1960s late 1960s
Late 1950s - right is "The House of Fashion" - cycles for transport
A 1962 postcard showing Lawrence's Fashions and Denton's shoe factory (left)

As Denton's Factory c 1905
As Lawrence's Fashions 1974
As Bishops in 1977
This corner was the frontage of Denton's boot factory. Underneath the factory George Denton had built three shops, one being his own grocery shop from where he could supply his staff. In the 1970s it was one unit for Lawrence's Fashions. In 1974 the shop and factory was demolished and a new grocery store "Bishops" was built. This was then taken over in the 1980s by Budgens, and they were doing so well here that they decided to build a new larger store on the corner of College Street and Duck Street, and two more shoe factories were cleared to make way. When Budgen's vacated the High Street store it was taken on by the Co-op as a department store, with the Co-op Bank being at the back of the store, with shoes, homewares, and drapery. When the Co-op ceased in Rushden, the store was taken over as an Argos catalogue shop. The warehouse roof was the car park, and the warehouse had its entrance in Rectory Road and that part of the building is now used for computer training. [2010]

The Rushden Echo, 29th June 1973, transcribed by Jim Hollis

New Supermarket May be Ready by Next Summer

A giant new supermarket could be opened in Rushden’s High Street by the summer of next year. The move into the town is being made by the firm of Bishops Foodstores, which has its headquarters at Ruislip. The supermarket will be built on the site of Lawrences shop, and the announcement ends months of speculation about the potential redevelopment of the premises.

This week, Mr. Michael Bradfield, managing director of Bishops, said the supermarket could well be the largest in the town. “We would hope that new buildings could be started within two or three months, and could be finished in the summer of next year.” Mr. Bradfield added that detailed planning permission has not yet been obtained, but broad agreement has been reached with the councils concerned.

In all, the building could cost about half-a-million pounds. This will be divided between Bishops and Mackenzie Hill, the Buckinghamshire property firm which originally bought the site.

The site comprises three properties, and is bounded by High Street, George Street, Rectory Road and Coffee Tavern Lane. It is being cleared at the moment, and will be leased by Mackenzie Hill to Bishops. In addition to the store, there will be a warehouse and car park.

Mr. Bradfield said the shop would have the usual range of foodstuffs, with wines and hardware as well. He described Bishops as “very much a family orientated business”, which has been in existence for over 110 years.

Offers in October 1980 A competition form
A Bishop's "Offers sheet" from October 1980

After Bishop's the Co-op took on the shop and then Budgen's came in 1991

Argos in 2009

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