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Joseph Green
Grocer and Pork Butcher
Joseph Green, son of James, a carter, was working as a shoemaker, when, in 1872 he married Martha Willmott, daughter of George. They had five children, James, George and Leonard, Florence and Gertrude.

In 1890 Joseph first began trading as a grocer and grindery dealer, at 119 High Street. He then opened another shop at 111 High Street, where he traded as a grocer, fruiterer and pork butcher. By 1903 he had opened a third shop at 140 Wellingborough Road, and his sons had joined the business.

His daughter Florence worked with him in the double fronted High Street shop. In 1913 she married Joe Iliffe, butler to the Sartoris family at Rushden Hall. Joe was soon called up for service in WWI, and on his return he began to work in the shop with his wife and father-in-law.

By 1930 Joe and Florence had bought their own shop at 22 Church Street, and the business continued with their son, Cliff, and then grandson Alan.

Joseph Green's
c1900 Joseph Green & daughter Florence outside 111 High Street
above - Joseph Green outside his first shop at 119 High Street
Joseph & dau Flo Joseph Green's
Florence outside 111 - now pork butchers, grocers, fruiterers c1915

Rushden Echo, 26th November 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Coming-of-Age of Miss Florrie Green, daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Green, of High-street, was celebrated on Monday. A party of friends to the number of 30 assembled at the invitation of Mr and Mrs Green. Tea was served, and afterwards songs were given by Miss Noble, Mr Harry Jaques, and many others. Dancing and games were indulged in, and a very enjoyable time was spent, the party breaking up at 4p.m. Miss Green was the recipient of many handsome and useful presents.

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