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Haigh's of Rushden
the shop in the 1960s bed display
Photo in the 1960s by A J George, courtesy of Clive Wood
A bed display in the later 1960s

Haigh & Co Bazaar
This picture, cut from a c1928 postcard, shows 127 High Street with a name board "Haigh & Co's Bazaar" and at 129 is Tailby & Putnam's grocery store.
Xmas 1922 advert in the Rushden Echo

Two points to remember:You get
Maximum Value and Satisfaction in a
Overcoat at Minimum Price.
All Styles in Stock
for Men, Young Men, and Boys.
High Street, Rushden.

Irving Haigh was born in Blackpool about 1876 and came to Rushden about 1900 as manger of a drapery store.

In 1904 he married Millicent Susan Fountain, an assistant school mistress, the daughter of George. By 1908 they were living in Higham Road, and later moved to 30 Griffith Street.

They had a son, Stanley in 1917, but sadly he died aged 15. Irving died 1939 and Millicent in 1948. They are all buried in graves F212-214 in Rushden Cemetery.

The outfitters moved to 67 High Street, and in 1928 the furnishing department now occupied 123, 125 & 127 High Street, and was then titled I Haigh & Son.

Later they took on the old shoe factory, once Nurrish & Pallett, in West Street, just behind the shop, as a store.

1932 advert
1932 newspaper adverts

1932 advert
The furnishing shop at 125 High Street & warehouse

The invoice below is from 1955 when they had taken over the old factory behind the shop, and 36 Griffith Street was used as a warehouse.

The business continued trading as Haigh's into the 1970s, when it was under the management of Mr Pateman.

right: a 1937 invoice

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