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Fred Lee, upholsterer
A Rushden Trader’s Failure

Rushden Echo, 13th April 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

Bankruptcy—The case of A. Okins, motor engineer, Rushden, was closed at the Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday without further questions. It was stated that Fred Lee, upholsterer, Rushden, was too ill to attend for his public examination.

Rushden Echo, 15th June 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

At the Northampton Bankruptcy Court, on Tuesday, Fred Lee, upholsterer, of 5 King’s-place, and The Feathers Hall, High-street, Rushden, came up for his public examination.

The gross liabilities were £985 12s. 9d., of which £978 12s. 9d. was expected to rank. The net assets were £340 5s. 1d., and the deficiency £638 7s. 8d.

Debtor said he was 38, and before going to Rushden in 1909 he worked as a journeyman saddler. He continued in this occupation until 1916, when he commenced on his own account with £10 capital. Up to November 1921, when he took the tenancy of The Feathers Hall, he had been successful, but then he was caught in the general trade depression, and with business declining he has to file his petition. He had sold a good many articles under cost price.

The examination was closed subject to the closing of the signing of the notes.

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