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Rushden Echo, 9th January 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins
Herbert Sanders Leeding
A Rushden Trader’s Failure
From Crockery Dealer to Motor-bus Driver
Higham Ferrers Man in the Bankruptcy Court

At Northampton Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, before the Registrar (Mr T M Percival), Herbert Sanders Leeding, of 1 Windmill Banks, North End, Higham Ferrers, late of Wentworth-road, Rushden, came up for his public examination. He was formerly a china dealer, and he is now a ’bus driver. His liabilities were £159 16s. 10d., assets
£5 19s. 5d., leaving a deficiency of £153 17s. 5d.

Questioned by the Deputy Official Receiver, debtor said that before the war he had been a clicker, insurance agent and draper’s assistant for the Rushden Co-operative Society. In 1912 or 1913 he went to Australia, where he did clicking. He returned to England at the end of twelve months because his mother was ill. Debtor said he served in the Army from 1915 to 1919, when he was discharged with a gratuity of £20. He went to Southend to work for his brothers, one of whom was an upholsterer and the other a motor driver. Later he went back to Rushden as a draper’s assistant, and in 1921 started a crockery business in Wentworth-road with a capital of £12 lent him by his father. With a car borrowed from his brother, he went round the villages, but in a collision with another motor considerable damage was done, and the repairs cost debtor £30. Since he had filed his petition he had paid off some of the debts.

The examination was adjourned.

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