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Marriott's - aerial views

aerial view
We have no date for this photograph, but certainly before 1973 as the new offices are not yet built.

Middle right is the Royal Variety Theatre, the road running in front of it being Higham Road, and top right corner is the junction with Washbrook Road.

Next to the Royal Variety Theatre is the yard where the new offices were buiult in 1973, and opposite stands Birch's bus garage. The yard had another part (mid left) with an entrance in Washbrook Road, where workshops for joinery and vehicle and plant maintenance were built.

The garden plot at the corner belonged to Mr Peck who lived across the road at The Beeches, a large villa residence built by Mr Fred Corby, currier. During WWII The Beeches was used as a home for some evacuee children.

Bottom right corner is part of the old railway embankment.


The road across the top of this photo is Higham Road, to High Street north, and bottom right corner Washbrook Road.

The old Royal Theatre is now a garage and the building facing it is the Queen Victoria Hotel.

The old railway bridge has gone, demolished in 1973.

Marriott's new office block, with the white roof, faces Birch's Bus Garage.

The extent of the yard and various storage buildings and workshops, together with the office block were demolished when the new Asda store came to Rushden in 2006.

aerial view c1980

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