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From a hand written list made by Denis Muscutt about 1965
Marriotts Builders
Workers c1940 as recalled by Dennis Muscutt in the 1960s
who had served his apprenticeship at that time
Office Staff Notes Home town
Robert Marriott Founder, farmer, butcher, builder, bricklayer (Rugby fan)  
Alan Marriott 2nd in command, son of founder, cricket & football fanatic. All round sportsman  
J Beale Architect, Surveyor & Estimator  
C Brown    
P Dickens    
H Ingram Cashier  
D Freeman    
D George    
Foremen - Bricklayers
G Kempshead General foreman
W Kempshead Father and three sons from Wellingborough
W Kempshead jun  
F Kempshead  
H Ball   Rushden
J Berrill   Wellingborough
J S Bayes   Rushden
Foremen - Carpenters & Joiners
Charlie Johnson Head foreman Higham Ferrers
Harry Wood   Rushden
Reg Welsford   Rushden
Ron Tew   Rushden
Bert (Luffy) Gates   Rushden
Walt Robinson   Stanwick
Arthur Cooper   Rushden
Arthur Simms   Higham Ferrers
Arthur Muscutt   Rushden
Reg Newton   Finedon
Arthur Hulatt   Finedon
Arthur Titmus   -
George Trueman   Raunds
George Stevenson (Croix de Guerre, Military Medal) Rushden 
Den Dickens 3 brothers Rushden
Frank Dickens 3 brothers Rushden
Walt Dickens 3 brothers Rushden
Sam Ball   Rushden
George Brace   Wellingborough
George (Rafters) Smith   Rushden
Henry Harrison   Rushden
Bill Marriott Boss' brother Higham Ferrers
Ben Dickens Bricklayer Supreme Rushden
Arthur Long   Rushden
Harold Eastern   Rushden
John Connolly   Wellingborough
Charles Parsons   Wellingborough
R (Dickie) Dobbs Bishop of Bozeat? Bozeat
Arthur (Bunks) Bailey   Rushden
George  Hensman Lay Preacher Bedford
Charles Mole   Rushden
Jack Loveridge   Bozeat
Jack Copperhall   Raunds
Jack Gibson   Rushden
Ted Ingle   Rushden
Ted Vaughan   -
Sid Hornsby   Burton Latimer
Jack Sugars   Wymington
Jen Tear   Rushden
Alf Upex   Twywell
Carpenters & Joiners
Arthur Betts Shutterer Rushden
Joe Kitchener   Rushden
Gus Prigmore   Rushden
Cyril Warne   Wellingborough
Dick Whiting Wood Machinist Rushden
Morris Hales Wood Machinist Higham Ferrers
Pont Underwood
Sid Johnson   Thrapston
Fred Knight   Denton
Jack Bayes   Wellingborough
Toby Pettit   Sharnbrook
Ginger Groom   Higham Ferrers
Percy Coleman   Earls Barton
Horace Shrives   Rushden
Roly Windsor   Rushden
Sid Millar   Higham Ferrers
Frank Wright   Rushden
Ernie Freer   Wellingborough
Walt Jeyes   Grendon
Henry James   Ringstead
Karl Spademan Wellingborough
Bert Massam   Irthlingborough
- Kauftman   Ringstead
Ernie Jeffs   Wellingborough
Apprentice Bricklayers
George (Angus) Watson   Rushden
Eddie (McGinty) Hartwell   Irthlingborough
Clive Marriott   Higham Ferrers
Den Muscutt   Rushden
Ron Fensome   Rushden
Apprentice Carpenters
Reg Smith   Rushden
Henry Johnson son of Charlie Higham Ferrers
Don Burdett   Rushden
Edgar Chettle  son of Holly Rushden
Apprentice Plumbers
Cliff (Wick) Freeman   Rushden
Ken Haddon   Higham Ferrers
Apprentice Painters
Les Rice   Wollaston
Philip Tye   Rushden
Dick Miller   Higham Ferrers
Lenny Gomm   Rushden
Bricklayers' Labourers
Jack Downing   Rushden
Fazil Kayloo   Rushden
Walt (Wendy) Mason   Rushden
Bert (Smokey) Inwood   Rushden
Charlie Bayes   Irchester
Joe Cambers   Knotting
Dick Hales   Knotting
Jesse Odell   Knotting
Harry Bishop   Higham Ferrers
Joe Holloway   Higham Ferrers
Henry (Bunt) Cox   Finedon
Arthur (Pinkie) Nicholls   Finedon
Ted Durrant   Raunds
Rep Underwood
Albert Ward   Higham Ferrers
Lance Bridgeford   Higham Ferrers
Bob Bridgeford   Rushden
Fred Lipscum   Rushden
Tom Branson   Rushden
George Roper brothers Rushden
Matthew Roper   Rushden
Matthew Roper nephew Rushden
Bob Burns   Bozeat
Curly Kitchener   Bozeat
Moody Reynolds   Rushden
Frank (Bunny) Brown   Podington
Alf Olney   Harrold
Gillie Whiting   Finedon
Frank Middleton   Wellingborough
Corrie Ekins   Rushden
Ted (Debber) Lines   Newton Bromswold
Darkie Lines   Bozeat
Don Bosswell   Warmington
Dobber Knight   Irchester
Fred Farthing   Rushden
Alf Stainsbridge
Stan Tew   Rushden
John Risely   Bletsoe
Mark Whitney   Rushden
Silas Wright   Wymington
Jim Taylor   Rushden
Erbie Squirrel   Dean
Joe Burton   Wellingborough
Fairground men temporarily living in Rushden "when the fairs had to close owing to the blackout"
John Steadman    
George Osborne    
Stan Osborne    
Albert Shaw    
Henry Shaw    
Navvies & Groundworkers
Harry Green   Rushden
Frank Cook   Higham Ferrers
Jack  Nettley   Rushden
Arthur Baker   Higham Ferrers
Arthur Hills   Rushden
Ted Bird   Rushden
Navvy Bettles   Irthlingborough
Arthur Thorpe brothers Northampton
Joe Thorpe   Northampton
Farm Workers
George Bradshaw   Rushden
Dick Truet   Rushden
Alf Jones   Rushden
Herbert Watts   Wymington
Transport Drivers
Bill Cade   Dean
Herbert (Ratty) Carter   Bozeat
George Harris   Souldrop
Frank Harris   Rushden
Frank Page   Rushden
Billy Johnson   Rushden
George Green Foreman & Lay Preacher Rushden
Holly Chettle   Rushden
Albert Edwards   Souldrop
Jack Jarvis   Thrapston
Jack Nicholls   Rushden
Bob Berwick   Irthlingborough
Harold Percival   Rushden
Cecil Onley   Rushden
John Broadbent   Rushden
Wilf Darnell   Sharnbrook
Reg Willmott   Rushden
Fred Sharwood   Rushden
Bob Dunne   Rushden
Arthur Skinner   Rushden
Harold Brightwell   Rushden
Bill Rice   Wollaston
Bill Thompkins Wymington
George Page   Rushden
John Walker father & son Rushden
Bill Walker   Rushden
Sid (Sergeant) Miles   Higham Ferrers
Harold Cook   Higham Ferrers
Walt Church   Wymington
Fred James   Higham Ferrers

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