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Charles Perkins - shoe manufacturer

RE: CHARLES PERKINS, SHOEMANUFACTURER, RUSHDEN—In this case, at the Northampton County Court on Wednesday an application was made for the debtor's discharge.—The Official Receiver reported that in this matter the proceedings were initiated by an order of the Court on the 7th January, 1888, and the public examination of the bankrupt was concluded on the 8th of May, 1888. The bankrupt had omitted to keep proper books of accounts, and had contracted debts which he had no reasonable expectation of paying. He had carried on business without knowing he was insolvent, and he had used up certain goods obtained by him shortly before his bankruptcy in making clothes for himself and family.—Mr. Jas. Heygate (Wellingborough) represented the bankrupt.—During the hearing of this application his Honour made some pointed remarks as to the prevailing lack of proper book-keeping by those who entered into business; and said such neglect in a trade in which credit was given generally ended in bankruptcy. When all was said in that case, the fact—and it was an ugly one for the creditors—remained that commencing business with a small capital the debtor's liabilities had amounted to £2,168, with only about 3s. 6d. in the pound to pay them. He would grant the debtor's immediate discharge on condition that he entered into an agreement with the Official Receiver to increase the dividend from 3s. 5d. in the £ to 5s., but no proceedings against him should be taken without the leave of the Court.

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