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Messrs. W.H. Perkins and Co.

The Rushden Echo, 5th March 1909, transcribed by Gill Hollis

A Rushden Firm’s Affairs - Meeting of Creditors
A Sympathetic Feeling

A feeling of sincere sympathy pervaded the meeting of the creditors of Mr. William Henry Perkins, trading as Messrs. W. H. Perkins and Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, Station-road, Rushden, held at Northampton, on Tuesday. Mr. Benjamin (Benjamin Bros. London) was voted to the chair, Mr. F. Roberts, accountant, presented the

Statement of Affairs

which was as follows:-

Liabilities:- Unsecured creditors, £3,978/11/0. Creditors fully secured, £20/14/11; less estimated value of securities £94/19/2; surplus to contra, £74/4/3. Creditors partly secured, £1,836/4/4; estimated value of securities, £1,205 -- £631/4/4. Creditors for rent, rates, taxes, wages, etc., £10. Liabilities on bill discounted £531/1/1, of which it is expected will rank against the estate for dividend, nil.

Assets:- Stock in trade, £1,850; book debts, £491/14/3; cash in hand, £190/16/8; bills of exchange and other securities, £20; pony, hay etc., £20; machinery, plant, etc., £700; surplus from securities in hands of fully secured creditors, see contra, £74/4/3; total assets, £3,346/15/2; less creditors for rent, etc., as per contra, £10; net assets, £3,336/15/2.

Deficiency:- £1,273/0/2.

A Bad Debt

Mr. James (Messrs. Heygate and James) said that Mr. Perkins had consulted his creditors as he found it impossible to go on much longer, although Mr. James thought he could have continued for several months more without being stopped. Mr. Perkins made a bad debt last year and found that there was a general tightening of his credit. No creditor actually pressing, but shortly there would be a large amount of bills due, so he had an investigation of his affairs with the result that meeting was called.


The creditors present expressed their sympathy with Mr. Perkins in his position, and the hope was expressed that it would be possible for him to continue in business.

The meeting decided upon a deed of assignment to Messrs. F. Roberts and A. C. Palmer (joint trustees), who should be authorised to realize the estate to provide a dividend of 12/- in the £. Messrs. Anderson (Leicester), Cleminson (Morton and Son, Leicester), and Benjamin were elected a Committee of Inspection.

Rushden Echo, 12th March 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Affairs of Messrs. W. H. Perkins and Co., boot manufacturers, Rushden, are thus referred to by the Northampton District correspondent of the “Boot and Shoe Trades Journal”:- “I understand that the action of one creditor has prevented the arrangement whereby the debtor was to purchase the estate for 12s. in the £ being carried through. He insists upon realisation, and, of course, is well within his rights in doing so, but there was nothing revealed at the meeting of creditors which should prevent the debtor having another chance if he thinks he can succeed.” This sympathetic feeling toward Mr. Perkins is shared by all who have had business relations with him, with the exception of the one solitary creditor referred to.

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