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Rock Freehold Land Society

Wellingborough News, 22nd April 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

LAWTON'S ESTATE—We hear that the land in this village, known as Lawton's Estate, has been purchased by the Rock Freehold Land Society.

Wellingborough News, 8th April 1892, transcribed by Kay Collins

The High Court of Justice on Saturday had the affairs of the Rock Freehold Land Society to deal with again. In re the Bond Building Society (one of the numerous companies brought out by the Rock Freehold Land Society), Mr. Justice North made an order for its compulsory winding up. The same Judge heard a petition in re the Rock Freehold Land Society. This was a petition to obtain the sanction of the Court to a modification of a reconstruction scheme.

The original scheme provided for the transfer of the assets of the Rock Freehold Land Society to a new company called the Artizans Land and Mortgage Corporation in consideration of the latter company issuing to creditors of the Rock Society their own fully paid up shares at the rate of 12s. 6d. paid up for every pound proved in the liquidation of the Rock Society. It was found that the assets to be taken over were not sufficient to warrant so large an issue in the nature of dividend, and the scheme had been modified by reducing the rate of paid up capital to be issued from 12s. 6d. in the pound to 10s. in the pound. His Lordship approved the modification and sanctioned it.

Rushden Echo, 1st October 1965

"The Rock"

Demolition work on houses in “The Rock,” officially known as Cromwell Road, Rushden, started this week. The houses which are being pulled down were built in the late nineteenth century by a London firm, the Rock Freehold Land Society, at a time when Rushden was fast expanding. The name of the firm was somewhat misleading, however, as the society was actually being liquidated when it put up the houses. At present plans for rebuilding on the site are rather vaqgue.

Demolition of some of 'The Rock' houses

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