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Article and photos by Paul Wright, 2014
Sainsbury's Local
The new local Sainsbury store in High Street South - the site was cleared in 2010/11

Following several successful trading quarters it came as no surprise that J Sainsbury would decide to open a local store in Rushden, and this opened to customers on Monday 17th March, 2014.

The local store is located in high street south, and was built at a cost of £435,000, and to ensure that the store blended in with its local surroundings, Coventry based Deeley Construction sourced local limestone that was used in the perimeter wall.

The Rushden local store employs 20 members of staff, and is managed by Mr Sean Thain.

This now means that Sainsbury's now have more local stores in the UK than supermarkets.

Above: working on the car park
Below: nearing completion of the building work

Interior of the shop

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