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Wanklyn Jewellers
Joseph Barwick was a watchmaker and jeweller trading from 125 High Street. His daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Tinkler, also a watchmaker and jeweller, in 1893, and Thomas took over the business from his father-in-law. Elizabeth died in 1905, and Thomas remarried in 1908 and moved the business to 69 High Street in 1908. He moved to Harrold and the business was taken over by Albert Victor Wanklyn and his wife Sarah Jane in 1910. In 1928 Stanley Wanklyn was the proprietor, and he moved the business to 54 High Street. Stanley married Mabel Jessie Goodwin in 1917, and their son Gordon Thomas was born the following year. Sadly Gordon died in WWII, and five years later Stanley died. The business was sold and Percy House took it over in 1952.

Rushden Echo, 30th October 1908

T E Tinkler, practical watchmaker and jeweller, removed to the Old Restaurant, opposite the Succoth Chapel.

Rushden Echo, 1909 Advert

A Wanklyn, Practical Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Optician. Opposite Succoth Chapel, High-street, Rushden.

The shop window display
Albert Victor Wanklyn's watchmakers at 69 High Street
Wanklyn's far left at 54 High Street
A view in the 1930's taken from the Ritz Cinema, Wanklyn's far left at 54 High Street

Rushden Echo and Argus, 4th April 1941

Old Jewellery Fetches Record Prices — And Helps The War Effort
Owing to the demand for old gold, silver and other precious metals for
refining old broken and discarded jewellery, rings, watches, silver plate,
etc. realises good prices, here, then, is an opportunity to obtain ready cash
for some real necessity or to buy Savings Certificates, so have a "clear-out"
and bring us all your unwanted articles of the above description. They are
serving no useful purpose now; let them help the war effort by providing
much-needed foreign exchange.

54, High Street, Rushden.
Phone 689

Rushden Echo and Argus, 24th March 1944

Watches, Chains, Necklets, Ladies’ Long Chains

Gold or Silver

Lockets, Bracelets, Diamonds, Pearls Etc.

Purchased at

Record Cash Prices

Sovereigns 39/3

Help Your Country

Turn your unwanted jewellery into cash and invest
in the many attractive government securities


54 High Street, Rushden, Jewellers

Roll of tape for tying up the gift packages

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