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Whipple Engineering Co.

Sartoris Road factory
45 Sartoris Road 2007
In 1922 George Frederick Whipple, of Rushden Engineering Co. invented a portable garage engine starter. He also invented a motor windscreen washer which consisted of a roller of rubber that gently travelled from top to bottom, and the "trafficator" - motor car indicators - turnicators.

George was born in Richmond in 1873, and married in Grantham before coming to Rushden in about 1905. In 1911 his motor was last in the carnival procession when the town celebrated the Coronation of King George V.

George lived at 26 Moor Road, and in 1927 he applied to the council for permission to build a garage in Wentworth Road. He died in 1946 aged 73 years.

The company changed its name to the Whipple Engine Starter Co Ltd. and moved to 45 Sartoris Road – originally Skerritt and Co’s shoe factory. On George's death the business was transferred to Mr. H. S. Wright, and then to Mr. Sutton who eventually sold the property to Elite Embroiders.

a new invention turnicator
A new invention
An advertising card

The company now has a workshop at Manor Farm, Caldecott.

(The factory was converted for use by ‘Elite - Specialists in printed and embroidered leisure wear’ in the 1990s)

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