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Messrs. Whitby Bros., carriers

Rushden Echo, 22nd August 1930, transcribed by Kay Collins

Offer to CreditorsMessrs. Whitby Bros., carriers, of Rushden, have placed their affairs in the hands of their solicitors, Messrs. J. T. Parker and Son. A statement circulated to the creditors shows liabilities amounting to £467 17s. 9d., and assets of £44 2s. 11d. leaving a deficiency of £423 14s. 10d. The liabilities shown include family loans of £296 16s. 5d., which will not be claimed if the creditors accept a proposal to settle affairs and distribute the proceeds.

There had been some rivalry with another local company - Scroxtons.
Both companies advertised for several months - See June 30th 1922,
with their adverts placed together in the columns of the Rushden Echo.

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