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Rushden Echo, 12th August 1898
George Winters - Bankruptcy



  At Northampton bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, George Winters, Church-street, Rushden, tailor, came up for his adjourned public examination.

  Mr. Wells, of Leicester, said that some statements made by debtor on the last occasion were very misleading, and were likely to do injury to his (Mr. Wells’s) business. Debtor had stated that “Mr. Wells was an agent for Gordon.”

  The Registrar said debtor stated he did not know whom Mr. Wells was until the writ was served. Then the question was put to him. “Then you found out he was another Gordon?” and he answered “Yes.”

  Mr. Wells : He confounds me with Gordon, and I do not want to be confounded with him.

  The Registrar said he supposed – that the Bankrupt meant that Mr. Wells was


as Mr. Gordon. (Laughter.)

  Mr. Wells said that according to the newspaper reports, the bankrupt said he was an agent of Gordon’s.

  The Registrar said there was no direct statement that Gordon and Mr. Wells were one and the same person. Probably Mr. Wells’s object had been accomplished by the disclaimer he had made. Really all that the bankrupt’s statement amounted to was that Wells and Gordon were members of the same -------

  Mr. Wells : Profession.

  The Registrar : I was going to say family, but probably that would not do.

  Mr. Wells : No, I am not a Jew. I only wanted to explain that I was not an agent of Gordon’s.

  The examination was closed.

Transcribed by Gill Hollis
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