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Christmas Fare 1908

Rushden Echo, 11th December 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Christmas Fare for Rushden

Butchers' Show

The butchers of Rushden are as usual making excellent preparation for Christmas.

Co-Operative Society

The Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., have, at their butchery departments in Queen-street, High street South, and Wellingborough-road, seven grand beasts, supplied by Mr. J. Harris, of Newton Bromshold.

Also 20 splendid Southdown sheep, bred and fed by Mr. J. Harris.

A quantity of pigs bred and fed by Mr. J. Harris and various members of the society.

Messrs. G. H. Skinner and Sons,

family butchers, Rushden, have their usual show of prime Christmas Beef from Wellingborough and Thrapston shows, including prize ox bred by Mr. Abbott, of Tichmarsh. Also prime Southdowns and Scotch Sheep, Veal, and Pork.

Mr. J. Bugby, Hiqh-Street

MAKE SURE— If you want to make sure of getting a good turkey, goose, hare, pheasant, duck, or fowl for Christmas, go to Bugby's. He will have a larger display than ever. He has secured his birds from all the best feeders in the district. Call and inspect his show at 117, High-street, Rushden.

Mr. R. A. Wheeler,

of High-street, has purchased a very choice selection of home-bred Shorthorns fed by local feeders.

Also a quantity of Southdown mutton specially fed, and dairy-fed pigs.

New season hams and bacon, cured by his special process.

All at the lowest possible prices. Your orders will be greatly esteemed.

Mr. E. Sanders,
Late Mr. T. A. Knight,

of High-street South (opposite Wymington-rd.), has a grand show of Christmas beef from the best breeders in the district, the beasts being purchased at the various Fat Stock Shows.

A quantity of choice mutton and pork.

Also turkeys, geese, ducks, fowls, rabbits, sausages, sausage meat, home-made lard, new laid eggs, etc.

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