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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 1st May, 1942, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Fire Alarms
Four in Two Days at Rushden

The Rushden N.F.S. men had a busy evening on Tuesday when within a few hours they were called to fire outbreaks at two Rushden boot factories.

At 6.35 the men at the station received a call to Messrs. Sanders and Sanders’ factory in Spencer-road where fire had broken out in the engine room and had caught hold of the roof. They turned out in under a minute with an engine and quickly got to work at the flames, which had already been attacked with stirrup pumps handled by the caretaker, firewatcher and other members of the staff on the premises, assisted by neighbours.

The men returned to the station at 8.05 and at 9.55 received another call, this time to Messrs. John White’s Park-place factory. Here a smaller outbreak was attacked with extinguishers and the men were able to leave in half-an-hour. Company Officer A. P. Timpson was in charge of both incidents.

The station received two more calls on Wednesday to small fires in the district, thus establishing what is probably a local record by attending four fires in just over 24 hours. The first call was to “The Bungalow,” High-street, Wymington, where an oil lamp had caused an outbreak in the kitchen, damaging the walls and doors. The men received a call at 1.40, turned out in half-a-minute, and were back in the station within three-quarters of an hour. The “Bungalow” is the residence of Mr. J. W. Smith.

The second outbreak was a chimney fire at 90, High-street South, Rushden, the home of Mr. W. Glenn, and occurred about 11.06 p.m. “Specials” who spotted the blaze which was lighting up quite a wide area, procured a stirrup pump and attacked the flames from the roof. The soot had apparently been smouldering for some time, as there was no fire in the grate below.

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