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The Rushden Echo, 27th August, 1909, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Alarming Accident at Rushden

A Horse Shies at Pigs - Trap Damaged, and Occupants Hurt

A startling accident happened at Rushden on Wednesday at about 8 a.m. Mr. Harry Scroxton was driving along High-street towards the railway bridge, having with him a commercial traveller (Mr. MacDonald, of London), whom he was about to drive to Raunds. As the horse approached the bottom of the railway station yard, it shied at some pigs belonging to Mr. Joseph Green.

With commendable pluck the driver of the horse stuck to the reins and did his best to keep the animal under control, but unfortunately he did not succeed. The frightened horse dragged the trap across the road, and the vehicle was brought sharply into contact with the iron fencing guarding a tree on the west side of the street. The impact was sufficient to throw Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Scroxton out of the trap. The former had a very narrow escape from being seriously hurt by the feet of the horse, which began to plunge wildly and which fell over on to the pavement.

The accident, which caused great consternation, was witnessed by a large number of workpeople, and assistance was speedily forthcoming. The driver and Mr. MacDonald were rescued from their position of peril, and other helpers took charge of the horse and got it on its feet.

Mr. MacDonald was seriously bruised about the face, and Mr. Scroxton sustained injuries to his arms and legs. One of the shafts of the trap was broken, but the horse escaped injury.

Mr. MacDonald was taken to the Coffee Tavern, where his injuries were attended to and Mr. Scroxton was able to proceed to his home.

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