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Court Reports 1865 - 1869

Northampton Mercury, 20 October 1866 

Rushden—Offence Against the Highway ActThomas Moore, farmer, was charged with letting his sheep stray the highway.

Northampton Mercury, 20 October 1866

Rushden—Offence Against the Highway Act.—Thomas Moore, farmer, was charged with letting his sheep stray the highway......

Northampton Mercury  05 October 1867 

James West of Higham Wharf, for having four pint measures unjust. Fined 5s. and 11s.9d costs. George Fearey, Rushden, for having one unstamped pewter measure.—No fine; to pay 8s. 3d. costs. John Martin, Rushden, for having two unjust quart measures.—Fined 15s. and costs 11s. 9d. William Elstow, Rushden, for having three pints and and two mugs unjust. Fined 10s. and 11s.9d costs.

James Creek, Rushden, for having one unjust measure. No fine; to pay 8s. 3d. costs.

Northampton Mercury, 14 March 1868 

William Billingham (18), shoemaker, for burglariously breaking and entering the dwellinghouse of Thomas Burton, at Rushden, in the night time of the 13th day of December, 1867, and ….

Northampton Mercury, 11 July 1868 

Charles Dunkley, two calendar months' hard labour, for stealing a blanket, at Rushden.— Sarah Cooper, one calendar month's hard labour, for stealing a blanket, at Rushden ….

Northampton Mercury, 13 June 1868 

W. Elstow, landlord of the Coach and Horses Inn, was charged by Police-constable Fowler with a similar Offence, on Sunday ......

Northampton Mercury, 22 August 1868

Samuel Pettitt, Jerman Warren, and William Clayton, young men of Rushden, were summoned for wilfully breaking a gate, the property of F. U. Sartoris, Esq. ...… 

Committed to Northampton County Gaol
Samuel Pettitt, Jerman Warren, and William Clayton, for 14 days hard labour each, for damage at Rushden.

Robert Galbraith, for trial, for stealing £1, at Rushden.

Northampton Mercury, 08 August 1868 

Wellingborough Petty Sessions, July 31st.—Present, F. U. Sartoris, Esq., in the chair, and R. Arkwright, Esq., Rushden.
Stealing Apples-Frederick Cox was charged by Thos. Skevington with stealing apples.

Northampton Mercury,  05 September 1868 

Rushden Game TrespassThomas Lack and Thomas Thompson were summoned for trespassing in search of game, at Newton Bromshold...... 

Northampton Mercury, 19 September 1868 

James Smith, butcher, of Rushden, for having unjust meat scale half an ounce and half-drachm deficient against the purchaser. There was also a ball attached .........

Northampton Mercury, 17 October 1868 

Commitments to the Northampton County Gaol. Thomas Howe, for 14 days' hard labour, for wilful damage, at Rushden.

Northampton Mercury, 14 November 1868 

Bletsoe Petty Sessions - WymingtonAlexander Johnson, of Wymington, beer-seller, was charged by Richard Lewin, of Wymington, farmer, with trespassing on his land in search of game, on the 2nd ult. - Fined £2 and 16s. 6d. costs, or two months: also, with a similar offence, on the 17th ult - Fined £2 and 16s. 6d. costs, or two months: also, with a similar offence, on the 26th, on the information of Joseph Bailey, of Rushden, gamekeeper, upon same land.—Fined £2 and 16s. 6d. costs, or two months; in all, £8 9s. 6d., or six months. Allowed a fortnight.

Northampton Mercury, 16 January 1869

Thrapston Petty Sessions Jan 9th 1869

Midland Railway Company v Parker - Benjamin Parker, living at Rushden, was charged with damaging the strap of a carriage window, in a carriage used on the Cambridge and Kettering branch. – Fine and costs £2 or gaol at N’pton for one month.

Northampton Mercury, 23 January 1869 

RushdenJohn Smith was summoned by Superintendent Lane for having dog in October last without a license.— The charge was proved..…

Northampton Mercury, 06 February 1869 

RushdenArthur Clayton, a youth, was brought in custody, on a charge of wilful damage to tree, September last, to the value of 1s…...

20 February 1869 - Northampton Mercury 

RushdenJ. Litchfield was brought on charge of feloniously taking 6lbs. of suet from the butcher's shop of Frederick Darnell.—Prisoner ….
[He appeared at the Lent Assizes reported 6th March 1869]

13 March 1869 - Northampton Mercury 

Lent Assizes—Charge of Stealing Leggings at Rushden.—John Goss, 42, labourer, was charged with stealing one pair of leggings, the property of Thomas Bolton, at Rushden, on the 13th of February, 1869. 

16 October 1869 - Northampton Mercury

George Feasey, baker, Rushden, was fined 1s. and 9s. 6d. costs, for not carrying scales and weights while retailing bread to his customers.

27 November 1869 - Northampton Mercury

Michael French, of Podington, and Thos. Thompson, of Rushden, were charged with stealing nine tame fowls, value 18s., from Podington, on the 16th inst, the property of Mr. J. Austin 

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