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Court Reports 1870 - 1873

08 January 1870 - Northampton Mercury

Quarter Sessions - Stealing Fowls at Rushden —William Law, 23, bricklayer, and William Pentelow, 23, labourer, were charged with stealing two tame fowls, value …..

14 May 1870 - Northampton Mercury

RushdenThomas Litchfield, shoemaker, was summoned by George Packwood, relieving officer, for refusing to contribute towards the ....

11 June 1870 - Northampton Mercury

Thos. Litchfield, of Rushden, was ordered to pay 6d. a week and half the costs, at the suit of Geo. Packwood, sen., towards the support .....

06 August 1870 - Northampton Mercury

RushdenJoseph Johnson, baker, of Podington, was charged under the Bakers' Act with selling bread, at Rushden, on the 19th ult., without scales and weights.—He was ordered to pay .....

29 October 1870 - Northampton Mercury

George Saunderson, of Wymington, labourer, was brought up under a warrant, charged by Mr. Geo. Packwood, of Rushden, relieving officer, with running away and leaving his children chargeable to the common fund of the Wellingborough Union, ......

10 December 1870 - Northampton Mercury

RushdenJohn Whitehead was summoned by Supervisor Lane, of the Excise, for keeping a dog without a license. The charge was proved.

11 March 1871 - Northampton Mercury

WymingtonThomas Gilbert, of Northampton, shoemaker, was charged by Mr. Geo. Packwood, of Rushden, relieving officer, with neglecting to contribute towards the support of his parents, now chargeable to the parish of Wymington ….

08 April 1871 - Northampton Mercury 

Stealing Leather ApronsThomas Thompson (38), shoemaker, was charged with stealing three leather aprons, value 5s, the property of Thomas Bolton, at Rushden, on the 6th March. —A second count charged the prisoner ......

22 April 1871 - Northampton Mercury

WollastonGeorge Paget and Joseph Paget, brothers, were summoned by Mr. John Gross, farmer, of Rushden, for doing wilful damage to a fence on property belonging to Mrs. Hill, of which he has the care. He said that the fences …..

05 August 1871 - Northampton Mercury

FarndishWilliam Eaton, of Farndish, labourer, was charged by Mr. G. Packwood, of Rushden, relieving officer, with neglecting and refusing to contribute towards the support of his mother, now chargeable to the .......

11 November 1871 - Northampton Mercury

Owen Mackness, 14 days' hard labour, for leaving family, at Rushden. Thomas Wright, days' hard labour, for drunkenness, at Wellingborough.

02 December 1871 - Northampton Mercury

Joseph Rice, six weeks, hard labour, for embezzling leather, at Rushden.

08 March 1873 - Northampton Mercury

Rushden—Stealing Peas and BeansCharles Baker, labourer, in the employ of Mr. Geo. Shelton, was brought up in custody on charge …

10 May 1873 - Northampton Mercury 

Rushden—Against the ExciseJohn Laughton and Alfred Gilbert were summoned for carrying gun without a license.—The charge was proved …. 

07 June 1873 - Northampton Mercury 

William Simmons, of Higham Ferrers, was summoned for being drunk, at Rushden, on the 16th ult.— The charge was proved by P.C. Taylor, who saw the defendant drunk ….

18 October 1873 - Northampton Mercury

Rushden—AssaultSarah Rootham charged Thomas Lack with assaulting her boy, Henry Rootham, on the 2nd inst. It was a trumpery case .....

29 November 1873 - Northampton Mercury

Stealing—Henry Harris, of Rushden, a horsekeeper in the employ of Mr. J George Shelton was charged with stealing, on the 15th inst., some iron tackling bars ..... 

20 December 1873 - Northampton Mercury

Rushden—Stealing FowlsJoseph Kitchener was brought up in custody on a charge of fowl-stealing, at the above village.  

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