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Court Reports 1900/02

This is not a comprehensive list, merely reports
found whilst trawling the papers for other items.

The extracts are taken from the Northampton Mercury, as the Rushden Echo
for 1902 is missing from the microfilm copies held at Rushden Library.
The court may have been held at Wellingborough, Higham Ferrers or Northampton.

Northampton Mercury 02 March 1900 

Mary Ann Farden, Wellingborough, v. Joseph Sizer, Rushden.—Defendant, who did not appear, and is a married man, was ordered to pay 4s. per week and costs.

Northampton Mercury23 March 1900 

Joseph Watts, Rushden, was summoned for bastardy arrears due to Fanny Goodfellow.—Defendant declined to pay the arrears, which amounted to £1 10s ...........

Northampton Mercury 30 March 1900 

Thomas Bell, heel builder, Rushden, summoned for using obscene language at Burton Latimer, on May 10th, was fined 5s. and 9s. 7d. costs.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 15th June 1900, transcribed by Gill Hollis

A Rushden Tradesman Sues the M.R. Co. for Damages for Detention of Goods
An interesting case was heard by Judge Snagge at the Wellingborough County Court on Monday, Mr. Joseph Albert Langley (Busby’s Boot Palace), High-street, suing the Midland Ry Co. for £20 4s 8d for damages sustained through the company’s delay in delivering certain goods.

Mr. Newman (Rushden) for plaintiff, and Mr. Turner (Birmingham) for the M.R. Co.

In opening the case Mr. Newman said that Mr. Langley was a boot dealer and his wife conducted a millinery business.

A Wedding Order
had to be completed, and in view of the Easter trade Mr. Langley, on April 3rd, ordered certain special goods for Easter from a wholesale dealer in Leicester. The goods were dispatched on April 3rd and delivered into the hands of a carman of the M.R. Co. As the goods did not come to hand, Mr. Langley was obliged to obtain other goods for the Easter trade and he absolutely lost the order for the wedding goods and certain orders.

Plaintiff said that on April 3rd he ordered certain millinery goods at Leicester, which were required for a wedding and for the Easter trade. On 4th April he received an invoice, but not the goods, which were not delivered till the 21st, when they were of no use for the purposes for which they were ordered. Apart from the annoyance and injury to reputation through not being able to fulfil their orders, there was a

Considerable Loss of Profit
and the goods had deteriorated in value. They were of no use to him and he refused to take them in.

The M.R. Co. admitted breach of contract and paid two guineas into Court, but denied further liability.

His Honour said plaintiff should have taken in the goods, and have claimed the damages, if any, sustained by deterioration. The plaintiff had no right to throw the goods on the railway company. However, the company had not paid enough for the delay, and he gave judgment for £4 4s and costs. Note: Joseph Langley, a boot retailer from Leicester, was at 6 High Street in 1901.

Rushden Echo, 14th September 1900, transcribed by Kay Collins

Action for Slander—Messrs Wilkins and Denton have, it is reported, issued proceedings against Mr. Haynes, of the St. Saviour’s Board of Guardians, for slander in respect of language used by him during a discussion as to the quality of the goods supplied by Messrs. Wilkins and Denton, as contractors to the Union.

Game Trespass—Two Rushden shoehands, John Line (32) and Alfred Nicholson (27), were charged at Sharnbrook on Friday with trespassing in search of game on land occupied by Mr. B. Measures at Dean. Defendants were found at 5a.m. on Oct. 30 beating a field of clover. Line was fined £2 and 7s. costs, and Nicholson £1 and 7s. costs

Rushden Echo, 22nd February 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Son’s Maintenance—At Wellingborough Police Court on Friday, Joseph Darnell, Rushden, was summoned in respect to the maintenance of his son who was in an Industrial School.—Defendant said the boy had left the school, and was now at home.—The case was adjourned for a fortnight in order that the Rushden School Board might be communicated with.

Rushden Echo, 26h April 1901, transcribed by Kay Collins

For a Game Trespass at Newton, on April 4, Clark Sargent, a Rushden shoehand, was on Friday fined 10s. and costs.

10 January 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Charles Allen and Jethro Warren, Rushden, were summoned for fighting, and were bound over keep the peace.

14 February 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Thomas Wiggins, labourer, Knotting, and Samuel Allen, Rushden, were summoned for being drunk and disorderly, at Rushden.—Wiggins was fined 5s. and costs, and Allen 15s. and costs.

28 February 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Walter Jolley and Richard Robinson, Rushden, were summoned for using obscene language, and were fined 10s. and costs each. George Waller, Rushden was summoned for being drunk and disorderly.

07 March 1902 - Northampton Mercury

W’boro Divisional Petty Sessions
Fred Biggs, shoehand, Rushden, was summoned by George Bayes, Rushden, who made application for recovery of maintenance arrears, amounting to 45s, with respect to daughter who is in Deaf and Dumb Institution.—Mr. W. James appeared for the Rushden School Board, and an order was made for the payment of the amount with costs.

14 March 1902 - Northampton Mercury

H F Borough petty sessions, Monday, before Mr. O. Parker (Mayor, the chair), Mr. T. Patenall (ex-Mayor), and Mr. F. Knight (Rushden).—Affiliation: Edith Elizabeth Baxter v. Jonah Bettles, married man, both of Higham Ferrers.

07 March 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Frederick Reynolds and Arthur Green, were summoned for using obscene language. Fined 10s. and costs each. Arthur James Hall, was summoned for drunkenness. Fined 10s. and costs.

11 April 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Northampton Bankruptcy Court - Charles Leonard Phipps, late of Wellingborough, boot upper manufacturer, 22, Spencer-street, Rushden, clicker.—This debtor came up for his public examination. His statement of affairs showed liability of £99 15s. 5d., with …

16 May 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Charles Leonard Phipps, late of Wellingborough, boot upper manufacturer, 22, Spencer-street, Rushden, clicker.—This debtor came for his adjourned public examination, which was closed.

09 May 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Wellingborough Divisional Sessions - Henry William Beaverstock, pawnbroker, Nottingham, was summoned for a breach of the Pawnbrokers' Act at Rushden.—Mr. W. W. James appeared for defendant, who admitted the charge, and was fined 10s. and costs.

04 July 1902 - Northampton Mercury

James W. Cole, Rushden, was summoned for deserting his wife, Ellen Cole.—Mr. Claridge, Rushden, appeared for the prosecution, and the complainant gave evidence.—Defendant was bound ......

11 July 1902 - Northampton Mercury

William Rising, baker, Rushden, was summoned for a breach of the Bread Act delivering bread without having scales and weights, and, admitting the offence......
18 July 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Herbert Willmott, Rushden, was summoned for carrying gun without a licence, and was fined £1 and costs.

22 August 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Wellingborough Divisional Sessions - Walter Austin, Horace Sheffield, Fred Sheffield, Herbert Turner, and William Turner, Rushden, were summoned for willful damage to a fence.—P.C. Knighton and Thomas Childs gave evidence, the latter stating that he saw …..

15 August 1902 - Northampton Mercury

County Court
John Christian, tailor, Rushden, sued G. Brooksby, Rushden for £2 12s. 6d., value for a suit of clothes.—Mr. Jacobs (Rushden) appeared for the plaintiff.—Defendant complained that the clothes did not fit, and the Judge ordered him to put them on. This defendant did in private, and on returning he was inspected by his Honour, who asked him if he played football.—Defendant: No.—His Honour: If you did you fill that out (meaning the coat). You don’t fill it at present quite. Upon closer inspection his Honour said: “You look very nice indeed. The shoulders are a little too broad.”—Defendant: The suit has been altered and now don’t fit.—His Honour: The trousers are all right. The coat could be altered. You will have to pay the amount.—Defendant: But he has offered to let me have them for 45s.—Plaintiff: But you refused.—His Honour: Verdict for the plaintiff for 45s. You will have to pay for the suit.—Defendant: I shall not pay for what I don’t want.

26 September 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Frederick Wilmott, Rushden, was summoned for using obscene language, and was fined 15s. and costs.

24 October 1902 - Northampton Mercury

A RUSHDEN MOTORIST FINED. Albert Okins, of Rushden, manager of the Cycle Works, was summoned for working [driving] motor car contrary to regulations, at Podington, on the 26th of July last. Mr Rouse Orlebar, J.P., was driving a restive pony on the date in question, and met defendant approaching with his car. And held up his hand for him to stop, but defendant took no notice.—Defendant’s excuse was that it would have been more dangerous to have stopped the car, as the noise of the engine would have frightened the pony.—The Bench imposed a fine of £3 and 9s. 6d. costs. Mr. Orlebar, who prosecuted, did not adjudicate in this case.

31 October 1902 - Northampton Mercury

W’boro Divisional Sessions - William Furniss, Rushden, summoned for being drunk and disorderly, was fined 10s. and costs. George Bollard, Rushden, was summoned for assaulting Martha Plummer. — Complainant said defendant came ....

28 November 1902 - Northampton Mercury

W’boro Divisional Sessions - Charles Thompson, Rushden, was summoned for allowing horse stray.—Fined 5s. and costs. Arthur Thomas Barnes, Albert Minney, Rushden, and James Mayes, Wellingborough, were summoned for using obscene language

21 November 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Joseph Reeves, John Gore, Herbert Chettle, Francis Clarke, Alfred Crouch, Rushden, were summoned under the Vaccination Act. —Orders for vaccination were made in each case, the defendants having to pay costs.

19 December 1902 - Northampton Mercury

W’boro Divisional Sessions - John Line, Rushden, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly, and was fined 15s. and costs Florence Heathfleld, Rushden, was charged with obtaining ladies' wearing apparel ....

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