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Wellingborough & Kettering News 15/03/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown
Fully Equipped

Rushden Fire Brigade On Tuesday last the members of the Rushden Fire Brigade, who are, now fully equipped from helmet to boots, and prepared for the active duties of their arduous office, met at the residence of the captain (Mr. F. Knight) to celebrate their re-organisation, and to discuss a plentiful spread provided by the latter. The "call" was obeyed with celerity; the whole of the brigade turning up in good time, in the resplendent glories of full uniform (hatchets included); although we might state in passing, that the latter were not called into requisition. Thanks, however, to the united efforts of the brigade, who lost no time in getting into full play, the cause of the operations (which originated in the generosity of the genial captain) was speedily reduced, although owing to the vast €œconsuming€ qualities of the brigade, very little of the stores was saved. All danger on this score having been averted, the efforts of the brigade were next directed to the discussion of business, arrangements for practice &c., after which to the accompaniment of music and song, and the seductive influence of the fragrant weed, a happy and pleasant evening was spent.

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