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Fire Brigade Rules 1905

Firemen and the cart

Rushden Fire Brigade

Rules and Regulations 1905

Captain: Fred Knight, J.P.
Second Officer C. Ernest Bayes
Third Officer J. T. Colson
Hon. Sec. G. R. Turner
H. Seckington F. Underwood
J. Sparrow                   J. Whiting
R. Twelvetree J. Nuttall
C. Green


1. The Brigade shall be called the “Rushden Fire Brigade”.
2. All Rules made by the Brigade shall be subject to confirmation by the Rushden Urban District Council.
Constitution of Brigade
3. The Brigade shall consist of a Captain, Second Officer, Third Officer, Secretary and a number of Firemen, to be fixed from time to time, as may be required.
Mode of Election
4. Application for the post of Fireman must be made to the Captain or Secretary, who shall lay the application before the Brigade at their next meeting. The election shall be by ballot, and the decision of the majority shall be final. Any vacancy in the post of an Officer shall be filled by the Urban Council, from nominations to be made by the Brigade. All members shall be required to sign the Rules.
Resignation or Dismissal
5. Members wishing to resign must give fourteen days’ notice thereof to the Captain or Secretary, and at the expiration of such notice shall return, in proper condition, all articles of uniform with which he or they may have been provided. Any member dismissed for incompetence, insubordination, or noncompliance with Rules, shall forthwith return his uniform.
Drills and Roll Call
6. The Brigade shall assemble for drill monthly, at 7.30p.m. in such uniform as the Officer in charge shall direct. The roll shall be called at 7.40p.m. and any member not then present, or arriving after the roll has been called, shall be marked as absent. Special drills may be ordered by the Captain as he may deem necessary. A list of attendances shall be supplied to the Urban Council with the Annual Report.
Absence from Drill
7. Any member absent from three Roll-calls in succession without giving sufficient reason to the Captain or Secretary, shall be struck off the strength of the Brigade, and notice to that effect shall be forthwith sent to the defaulting member by the Secretary and reported to the Urban Council.
Attendance at Fires
8. The Brigade shall attend all Fires within the District of the Rushden Council, and on receiving a call to a fire outside the district of the Urban Council the Captain or Officer in charge shall determine the number of the Brigade to accompany the engine.
Cleaning Engines etc.
9. All Engines and gear shall be kept clean and in working order by the Brigade who shall attend fortnightly for that purpose. The Officer in charge shall record the attendances.
Special Duties
10. Theatre and other special duties, when required, shall be considered a part of a fireman’s work. The names of members appointed for special duty shall be posted in the Fire Station.


11. When refreshments are required at a Fire, an order for the same must be given only by the Officer in Charge.
Engines and property

12. The Engines, gear and uniforms of the Brigade belong to the Urban Council, and the term “uniform” includes all articles provided by the Urban Council.

Alteration of Rules
13. These Rules are subject to alteration by the Urban Council as occasion may require.
Confirmation of Rules

The before-mentioned Rules and Regulations were confirmed by the Rushden Urban District Council at a meeting held on the 13th day of September 1905.

Geo. S. Mason, Clerk

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