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Rushden Echo, 27th August 1926, transcribed by Kay Collins
Fire at Marriott's

Fire broke out on Friday evening last in a timber stack belonging to Mr. R. Marriott, builder and contractor, in the storeyard just off High-street. The fire was fortunately discovered early, and a call was sent to the Rushden Fire Brigade. The motor-tender was driven down by Second Officer W. Packwood, with Captain R. F. Knight and other members aboard, and on arrival it was found unnecessary to use the steamer pump. A hose from the main was rigged up and was found sufficient to quell the outbreak. Traffic was diverted by the police through the Queen Victoria Hotel Yard. The conflagration was confined to the stack of timber, a ton of which was destroyed. It was fortunate that the outbreak was found at the stage it was, as a strong wind was blowing and would have taken the flames to other outbuildings and shops near by. The Brigade were not on the scene very long.

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