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Police Duty

Opening of Rushden Hall 20th, September 1930

Duty for the 20th, instant during the procession of children through the Streets, and in The Rushden Hall Grounds.

To those concerned

Constable On duty outside The Hall Gates, so that when the procession arrives he can stop traffic to allow all  to go into the Hall Grounds.
Constable Lawman On duty near Higham Road, Post Office, so that when the procession comes out of Washbrook Road, he can stop the traffic from the direction of Kettering, he will follow in rear of the procession to see that nothing runs into the children from behind.
Constable Jefcoate On duty near to the Post Office to see that the children pass along alright and to deal with traffic which night be in the High Street.
Sergt. Cherry On duty at the Church to regulate Traffic, and to see that, when the procession approaches this point the traffic to be held up to allow the children to pass along.
Sergt. Roughton,
Constables Faram and Osborn

To be at Spencer Park at 2 p.m. to assist the Boy Scouts to marshall the procession. Details will be given before leaving the Police Station.

Should it rain instead of the children having tea in the Hall Grounds, four schools will be used, Newton Road, Alfred Street, South End, and The Intermedite, and Constables Earl, Lawman, Faram, and Osborn, will each be detailed to take the party of children to the schools allotted, particulars of this will be given when at this Station before leaving.


Opening the Hall Grounds

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