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Extracts transcribed by Kay & John Collins 2008
Quarter Sessions 1630 & 1657

Northamptonshire Record Society Vol 1

This was the Societiy's first publication, published in 1924. The Preface:

For help received in the preparation of this book the editor wishes to express her best thanks, particularly to Mr Peyton who came to Northampton for a week to transcribe file 3, and who has very kindly written the introduction. She gratefully acknowledges her indebtedness to Canon Foster for much valuable advice, to Professor and Mrs Stenton for checking the Latin documents with the originals and for assistance and encouragement at all times, and to the Rev H I Longden for a great deal of information about the Justices which has been embodied in appendixes I & II. She also desires to thank Mr Millington, Clerk of the Peace, and the County authorities for giving access to the documents, the officials at the County Hall for their courteous assistance, Miss Barbara Smyth for aid in checking the transcript, and Mr Reginald Brown at the Public Library, and his assistants in the reference room, for their ready and patient help in finding books for reference. Lastly, but not least, acknowledgement is due for the assistance rendered in many ways by Mr James Manfield, without whose unfailing interest and generous support the undertaking could not have been carried through.

Joan Wake

The Ladies' Club,
February 1924

These are the extracts that relate to Rushden, Higham Park, Chelveston and Newton Bromswold.
The 1657 Jury List for the Higham Ferrers Hundred is also transcribed.

  1630  Recognizances (Bonds) to Appear at the Court at Higham Ferrers Sessions
p.23 1st June 6 Car.I (1630) Roman Bolton of Chelveston cum Caldecott husbandman £20
    John Chettle husbandman £10
    William Clarke carpenter £10
    The condition of this present recognizance is such that if the within bounden Roman Bolton shall personally appear at the next general Sessions of the Peace to be holden for this county of Northampton and there answer the begetting of a bastard child of the body of Abigaile Dilworthe and then and there also abide such order as by the Court he shall be enjoined and in the mean time shall be of good behaviour towards our Sovereign Lord the King and all his leige people that then this present recognizance shall be utterly void and of none effect or else remain in full force power strength and virtue.
p31 3rd June 6 Car.I (1630) Thomas Chapman junior of Irchester husbandman £20
    Nicholas Achurche of Rushden ropemaker £10
    Edward Brightman of Irchester labourer £10
    Condition: To appear and to keep the peace "especially towards John Goodwin husbandman of Irchester"
  29th Sept 6 Car.I (1630) Francis Gray of Rushden gentleman £20
    Condition: Top appear and to "prosecute according to the law against one John Yarwell of Sharnbrook in the County of Bedford concerning the unlawful hunting and killling of deer in Higham Park".
  29th Sept 6 Car.I (1630) John Yarwell of Sharnbrook, County of Bedford, carpenter £40
    Thomas Yarwell of Knotting, County of Bedford, yeoman £20
    Luke Yarwell of the same, labourer £20
    Condition: To appear and to answer "unto such matters as on his Majesty's behalf shall be objected against him especially for the unlawful hunting & killing of deer in Higham Park".
    Justices Orders - Bastardy Cases
p.55   Whereas Abigaile Dillworthe of Chelveston and Caldecott in the said County singlewoman about Midsummer Day last was delivered in Chelveston and Caldecott aforesaid of a bastard child since christened by the name of William Wee whose names are subscribed according to the form of the statute in that case provided upon examination of the cause and circumstance doe find and judge Roman Bolton of Chelveston and Caldecott aforesaid husbandman to be the reputed father of the said bastard child. And do hereby order that the said Abigaile Dillworthe with her said bastard child shall be committed to the house of correction at Northampton and that the said Roman Bolton shall (weekly during the abode of the said Abigaile Dillworthe and her said child in the said house of correction) pay to the said master of the said house of correction eight pence for the better maintenance of the said bastard. And also that after the said Abigaile with her said child shall be delivered out of the said house of correction the said Roman Bolton shall allow and pay the said Abigaile or (to) the overseers of the poor of Chelveston and Caldecott aforesaid for the time being (keeping the said child) twelve pence weekly towards the maintenance of the said bastard child until the said bastard child shall be of the age of ten years. And lastly that the said Roman Bolton shall put in security to discharge the inhabitants of Chelveston and Caldecott for the time being, of and from all manner of charge which (after the said term of ten years) shall grow or happen by reason of the said bastard child in any wise. Subscribed under our hands the thirteenth day of July anno domini 1630 W Dolben Arth. Goodday
p.68   Indictments
    Thomas Yarwell late of Rushden labourer presented for breaking into the close of the Lady Queen that now is, called Higham Park on the 28th September 6 Car. I (1631) and with certain hunting dogs called 'greyhounds' chasing and killing one fallow deer of the same Lady Queen.

1657 Presentments
  Item we present Richard Fish of Caldecott, gent for stopping in of a common lane in Caldecott called Dag Lane [few illegiblewords ] stopping of a fence between the common lane and his own ground.
p.123 1657
Jury List - Higham Ferrers Hundred
William ROSE Wollaston  
Nickolas KESSTON Wollaston - Foreman  
Thomas BOLTE Bozeat  
William GLOVER Bozeat  
Thomas CHAPMAN Irchester  
John GOODIN Irchester  
John DARNILY Rushden  
John BARKER Rushden  
Thomas DARNILY Rushden  
William WROTHAM Newton Bromswold  
John HEWETT Newton Bromswold  
Thomas MARSHALL Chelveston-cum-Caldecott  
William BRIDGMAN Chelveston-cum-Caldecott  
Edward CLARKE Chelveston-cum-Caldecott  
Thomas TEATE Raunds  
John HARRISON Raunds  
John ELLIATT Raunds  
William STAYNES Raunds  
John RAWLINSS Hargrave  
William MEAHOWE Hargrave  
Thomas GOODE Ringstead not sworn
Nathaniel BONE Ringstead not sworn
Thomas CLARKE Easton Maudit not sworn
Thomas DUGLIS Easton Maudit not sworn
Matthew BELLITER Chelveston-cum-Caldecott not sworn
William CORBETT Bayliffe  
  Fined severally 10s that appeared not.    
p.158 19th Sept. 1657 Recognizance of William Sanders of Irchester miller in £10
    Condition: To appear and "to answer unto such matters of misdemeanour as on the behalf of Samuel Lyne of Rushden in the said county miller shall be objected against him".

NRO Ref: Northamptonshire Record Society Vol 1
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