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The Rushden Echo, 23rd December 1966, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Fire Delays Factory Opening
Family saved from flat

After the fire
After the fire
A fire in the first floor of a factory in High Street South, Rushden, has hit two young Bedford men who were hoping to open up a slipper manufacturing business in the town shortly.

The damage caused in the fire early Wednesday morning will set their opening date back by at least a month.

The factory, a three-storey building, was to be used for slipper manufacture by partners Mr. L. P. Clarke and Mr. P. Hubble.

About a third of the contents of the first floor, including slipper machines, racks and electrical wiring, were destroyed and the smoke and heat seeped through to partially damage the second floor.

The fire started near a boiler on the first floor and Rushden, Wellingborough and Irthlingborough firemen had to use breathing apparatus to locate the seat of the fire.

The alarm was given by a patrolling policeman who noticed flames and woke up the occupants of the ground floor flat below the factory, Mr. and Mrs. C. Layram, and their four young children. The fumes were already beginning to seep through to their home.

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