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Presented by Karon Watson
Adult Learning
Nene Valley Committee College

Basic English and Maths were one of the many Adult Education classes held at Nene Valley Committee College Rushden. In this category each tutor was allowed ten students and usually two volunteers. Each session lasted two hours. There were two Monday evening classes with myself (then Karon Rice) and Steve Garrett both teaching either English or Maths all at varying levels.
Later on the the classes extended to Mondays and Tuesdays which meant that I continued with Mondays, and Steve moved to Tuesdays.
In July 1997 my class (at the suggestion of Gloria Green) decided to enter the photoghraphic competition which we won although some of the class were absent. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and retired in 2001.

The Winning Photograph
Sitting, L to R : Josie ?, Gloria Green (Volunteer),
Karon Rice, (Tutor), Gaynor Smith.

Standing, L to R: Jeffery Blackman, David Rice (Volunteer)
Lui Del Monte, Paul Fowler, Paul Green,
David Sissons (Volunteer) and David Whately holding the flag.

The Actual Certificate

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