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Alfred Street Infant School

Christmas, 1951

Alfred Street Infant School Nativity 1951
Nativity Play
Photo taken in the Infant School Hall
Includes: Janet Chapman (of Washbrook Road), Bobby Lee-Pettit (Spencer Road), Tina Hudson (Elm Street),
Rex Taylor (Oakley Road), Raymond Jacklin (Pytchley Road), Margaret Bugby (is the Angel Gabriel),
John Pendred (Fletcher Road), Eileen Hornby (Oakley Road),
Christopher Lovell and Alan Clapham (both of Spencer Road).
Additional names from Margaret Bugby: Barbara Bridges (of Midland Road), Tina Chettle (North Street)
Andrea Cutmore (of Moor Road, opposite Moor Road School [later moved to Church Street next to her father's
bicycle shop]), Ian Lauder (North Street in one of the police houses near the station [his dad was a police
sergeant]), John Graves (Wellingborough Road [Wellingborough end past the Oakley & Gordon Street]),
Joy Valentine (possibly Montague Street) and John Curtis (Montague or Drayton Street).

Alfred Street Infant School Christmas 1951
Christmas Party
(Photo from Jon Anton - back row to left of tree, aged 6)
Additional names from Margaret Goodwin [nee Bugby] (far right, 4th row):
Front row: John Curtis (2nd from right);
Second row: (2nd from left) Janet Chapman, (5th from left) Clive Rutland,
(in front of tree) Bobby Pettit & Eileen Hornby.

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