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Alfred Street - Board School
Concerts & Plays
December 11th 1963 Newspaper clip and entry in Alfred Street Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

74 children present at Nativity play with a novel touch.

The pupils of Alfred Street Junior School, Rushden, last night performed their Nativity play “What can we bring Him?” to about seventy of their parents and friends in the school hall. All together 74 children took part in the play which will be repeated tonight and tomorrow night at 7.15pm. Written and produced by two of the teachers at their school, Miss D. Phillips and Mr. J.D. Robinson, the play tells the Biblical story of the Nativity but the novel introduction of such characters as Saint Francis, King Richard, David Livingstone and Albert Schweitzer who each bring their gifts of love, courage, knowledge and skill to the stable adds an unusual flavour to the performance.

The choir and pipers were trained by the headmaster Mr. R. R. Lawrence who also played the piano and lighting and scenery were designed and constructed by Mr. P.J. Robinson.

“What Can We Bring Him?”
Cast in order of appearance.
Narrator 1 Hazel Bloor
Narrator 2 Jacqueline Robinson
Joseph John Barley
Mary Ellen Homan
Shepherd 1 Robert Childs
Shepherd 2 David George
Shepherd 3 Anton Rudgalvis
Chief Angel Valerie Cowper
King 1 Ian Ferris
King 2 David Linnitt
King 3 Haydn Abbott
St. Francis Colin Billett
Richard the Lionheart Ralph Mould
Crusader Peter Knight
A Turk Robert Norman
David Livingstone Philip Wynd
A Native Bearer Peter Binder
Albert Schweitzer Keith Etherington
A Nurse Susan Farwell
A Native Clifford Linnitt
Angels:  Steven Biggs, Robert Jones, Janice Hall, Diane Sayers, Jacqueline Wilson, Noreen Killeen, Julie Darnell, Kay Perris.
Swallows: Hilary Hartwell, Megan Tasker, Helen Webb, Muriel Walker, Susan Newell, Susan Hartwell, Yvonne Lean, Anne Dyer.
Pipers:  Rosemary Allen, Valerie Annis, Robert Buckee, Michael Denton, Christopher Dickens, Mary Francis, Paul Griffiths, Carol Harbour Angela Highman, Peter Koller, Elaine Lawrence, Julie Newby, Gillian Paragreen Robert Tingle, Jane Wright.
Choir:   Josephine Allen, Christopher Berry, Daniel Carey, Anne Driver, Julie Fuller, Lynn Graham, Janie Green, Ian James, Ann Kelly, David Lee, Stephen Norton, Alan Pack, David Patemen, Laurence Sharman, Jeanne Smith, Robert Smith, Christine Steele, Peter Stokes, Heather Rawlins, Robert Taylor, Ruth Taylor, Anne Walker, Rita Williams.
Synopsis of the Play.              
Overture – Bamboo Pipers.
Scene 1 Joseph and Mary at Bethlehem.
Scene 2 Joseph and Mary in the Stable
Carol “In Bethlehem Town.”
Scene 3 The Shepherds on the Hillside.
Carol “While Shepherd Watched.”
Scene 4 The Shepherds bring their Gifts.
Carol “How Far is it to Bethlehem.”
Hymn “Fairest Lord Jesus.”
Scene 5 The Kings bring their Gifts.
Scene 6 St. Francis brings his Gift of Love.
Hymn “All Creatures of our God and King.”
Scene 7 King Richard brings his Gift of Courage.
Hymn “When a Knight won his Spurs.”
Scene 8 David Livingstone brings his Gift of Knowledge.”
Hymn “Remember all the People.”
Hymn “Jesus shall reign.”
Scene 9 Albert Schweitzer brings his Gift of Skill.
Hymn “Thine Arm O Lord.”
Scene 10 FINALE At the stable.
Carol “Adeste Fideles.
The incidental music includes extracts from:
The Largo of “The New World Symphony” Dvorak.
Music from the film “Whistle Down the Wind.”
Suite No.3 in D Major “Air (on a G String)” Bach.
L’Arlesienne – Suite – Bizet.
Mars, the Bringer of War – the Planets Holst.
The Prelude and the Adoration of the Magi from the film “Ben Hur” Miklos Rozsa.
The Prelude to the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty” Tchaikovsky.
The play was written and produced by Mr. J.D. Robinson and Miss D. Phillips.
The choir and pipers were trained by Mr. Lawrence, who also plays the piano.
The lighting and scenery were designed and constructed by Mr. P.J. Robinson.
Mr. P.J. Robinson and Mr. T. Hughes operate the lights.
Valuable assistance has been given by Mrs. N. Lawrence, Mrs. G. Potter, Mrs. D.M. Anker, Mrs. G. Wagstaff and Mrs. Edwards.
The producers would also like to thank Parents for their generous co-operation.
(A collection will be taken for the blind.)
Further entry in the log book.
Fifteen guineas has been donated to the National Association for the Blind as a result of class collections and parent collections on the evenings of the Nativity Play.
Article from a local newspaper included in Alfred Street Log Books, 16th December 1965, transcribed by Susan Manton.

An excellent Christmas Concert was given last night in the School Hall to 180 parents – a capacity audience. All classes made a contribution to the programme, which is appended hereto. Concert time was exactly two hours without any interval. Spot and flood lighting were controlled by Mr. P. Robinson and Mr. Hughes. A mummer’s hat collection for the National Association for the Blind realised £9/3/6d. the performance will be repeated tonight at 7pm. Mr. Ginns , chairman of the School Managers and Mrs. Ginns were present.

Programme for Christmas Concert 15th and 16th December 1965.

The Christmas Tree   1st year.
Morris Dancers   4th year
In the Park   1st year.
Keep Fit   3rd year.
Country Dancing   3rd and 4th year.
Pif-Paf-Poltrie   2nd year.
Christmas Carol Group   4th, 3rd, 2nd year.
Mummers and Sword Dancers   4th year.
Choir and Recorders   4th year.
National Anthem.
October 1966 Article from a local newspaper included in the Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

Harvest Festival Aids Sick.

Children of Alfred Street Junior School of Rushden held their harvest festival service at the school this morning and took gifts of harvest produce. The festival was attended by five members of Rushden T.B. After Care Committee, including the chairman , Mr. A. C.A. Colton and vice-chairman Mrs. V. Thornton.

The children’s gifts were afterwards distributed to 23 former patients of Rushden Hospital, who are now convalescing at home, patients in the hospital and residents of Risdene Old People’s Home.

December 1966 Article from a local newspaper included in the Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Children Entertain.

A special feature of Rushden’s Alfred Street Junior School two-day Christmas concerts programme which ended last night was an item called “First Thanksgiving” presented by class 5 and produced by Mrs. M. K. Sappingfield, an American Exchange Teacher, from Sacremento, California.

It portrayed the historical origin of the American Thanksgiving Day and was first presented to the school on November 24th the day when it is celebrated.

The hall was packed to capacity on both nights and each class presented their own contribution to the programme. A collection for the National Institute for the Blind realised over £17.

January 1969 Article from a local newspaper included in the Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

Pupils knit their way to success.

Rushden’s Alfred Street Junior and Infant Schools took seven out of eight prizes in a children’s sewing and knitting competition organised by the local Save the Children Fund recently.

There were 67 entries of knitted toys, clothes and sewn articles for the competition which was judged at Rushden’s health clinic last night.

The only other children’s group to take a prize were the Newton Road Junior School, Rushden.

The articles which were later put on exhibition for the 50 parents who attended will be despatched by SCP headquarters to teams in Jordan and Korea.

Judging the competition last night were Mrs. Margaret Ackroyd (sewing section) and Mrs. M. Mackness and Mrs. Freda Summerling (knitting). The judges were impressed with the high standard of the children’s work. Entertainment was provided later by a local Salvation Army Gospel Group.

Competition results: sewing section five to eight years Gillian Rowley, Alfred Street: nine to eleven Years: Nikola Ainge, Newton Road. Knitting five to eight: Margaret Peacock, Alfred Street, nine to eleven years: Susan Scarborough, Alfred Street: eleven years: Beverley Abbott. Special Handiwork prize Teresa Marks; overall special prize: Janet Davies, Alfred Street: special prize in knitting, Pamela Dickenson, Alfred Street.

August 1969 Article from a local newspaper included in the Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden pupils take early morning plunge.

One hundred pupils were at Rushden Swimming baths at 6am yesterday to take part in the Alfred Street Junior School swimming gala. The gala was held early in the morning because pupils at the school have been receiving early morning swimming lessons throughout the summer seasons since 1961.

The lessons, taken by Mrs. Dorothy McKellips, are held six days a week, usually starting at 7am.

This year has been the most successful of all and pupils at Alfred Street have shown great enthusiasm for the early morning swim.

At yesterday’s gala Mr. R. R. Lawrence, headmaster of the school presented ribbons to the children for their success in distance swimming.

There were 34 events for the children, including something for everyone including the youngest in the school to the beginners in swimming.

March 1972 Article from a local newspaper included in the Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

Children Explore a Hundred Years.

For 400 schoolchildren the subject of history has held special significance over the past few weeks.

The children, pupils of Rushden’s Alfred Street Junior School have been working on projects depicting life and school activities during the past century.

The result of their efforts together with their present day classwork went on show last night to mark the school’s centenary.

An appeal for old photographs and documents of the school and town provided materials for an impressive exhibition which was supplemented by pupils’ murals showing costumes and transport through the period.

Other exhibits including costumes and examples of Victorian slate were loaned by the Northampton museum.

During the evening on operetta “The Boy Mozart” was performed by pupils and produced by Mrs. D. Wells.

Repeat performances are to be staged tonight and tomorrow and the school work and exhibits will be on show. Leading roles in the operetta are taken by Sharon Brice, Alan Neville, Nigel Watts, John Storer, Kevin King, Debra Rogers, Patricia Richardson, Nicolette James, Anita Clunel, Sandra Berrill and Roger Billington.

Entry from log book, 15th March 1972

Last night was the first of three nights of Centenary Exhibition in the School Hall. The proceedings began with an operetta “The Boy Mozart” performed by children of 4M and 4C and followed with an excellent exhibition of photographs, articles and reading material covering the last 100 years of school life and life in Rushden. As many parents and friends as could be accommodated (about 80) watched the performance and many others attended afterwards to see the exhibition and visit classrooms.

Log entry 16th March 1972

At the end of the operetta performance last night, at which school managers were present, Mr. Ralph Marriott, chairman of the school managers, presented me with an electrically operated dining room clock and a gift from the managers in recognition of my 23 years of service. I trust that I made a suitable response.

Entry from log book 17th March 1972

School closed for the day to commemorate the opening of its forerunner “The General School” on 8th April 1872.

March 1972 Article from a local newspaper included in the Log Book, transcribed by Susan Manton

Teachers’ gathering.

School teachers are coming from as far afield as Lancashire this week to celebrate the centenary of a local school. They will be at a reunion on Friday at Alfred Street Junior School, Rushden where they all taught at the time. Today, tomorrow and Thursday at 7pm pupils will be presenting the operetta “The Boy Mozart”.

This is being put on at the school and is open to the public. Afterwards there is an exhibition of the children’s work as well as exhibits showing Rushden through the years.

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