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Alfred Street School c1887

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 31st January, 1930, transcribed by Gill Hollis.

Alfred Street School

  Two readers blessed with remarkably good memories have been in close competition for this week’s prize.  The group comprises 34 persons, and Mr. Ernest F. Lawson, 45 Victoria Road, Rushden, succeeds in naming 32, although the picture is stated to have been taken in the Rushden Alfred-street School playground some 42 or 43 years ago.

  Mr. J. W. Panter, of 21 Washbrook-road, Rushden, ran very close with 31 names.

  By comparing the letters, the full list of names appears to be as follows:-

  Top row (left to right) Arthur Baker, Fred Linnitt, William Hobbs (now at Sandbach), Edith Lawson, deceased, Florrie Pendered (now Mrs. Slough), Amy Lawson (Now Mrs. James Panter), Harry Hobbs (in Canada).

  Second row - Sarah Jones (Now Mrs. J. George), William Reeves, deceased, Charles Hobbs, Bert Linnitt, Ernest Lawson, Thomas or Joseph Reeves, Emily Pendered, Edith Linnitt, Polly Skinner, teacher (now Mrs. T. Clarke, of Bournemough), Emma Margetts, teacher (now Mrs. Fountain, of High-street South, Rushden)

  Third row – Tom Reeves, Deborah Jones, deceased, Amy Sugars (now Mrs. J. Davies, of Peterborough), John Bates, John Sugars.

  Fourth row – Maud Baker (now Mrs. Bradshaw), Joseph Baker, Nellie Lawson (now Mrs. G. Linger), Nellie Reeves, Emily Pendered, Florrie Jones, Kate or Emily Sears, Polly Hobbs, Nellie Hobbs, deceased, and Will Bates. 

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