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Rushden Echo & Argus, 20th December 1929, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Alfred Street School 1897

There is much confusion of names in reference to the picture published last week, but the prize goes to Miss E. Denton of 15 Grove Road, Rushden. The photograph was taken in the Rushden Alfred-street School playground 32 years ago.

The Christian names given by three writers vary considerably, particularly in the case of members of the Wooding family, but careful comparison shows the following names to be established.

Top Row: Florrie Copson, Minnie Bollard,------Wooding, Minnie or Annie Sharp, -------Wooding, Gertrude Deighton, -----Whitbread, --------Hooton.

2nd Row: Miss Cowley (teacher), -----Hooton, Florrie or Lizzie Parker, Nellie King, Rhoda White, Winnie Groome, Florrie Trusler, Grace Butcher,
-----Bollard, Florrie Green, Laura Smith, Mabel Johnson, Miss Soutar (headmistress).

3rd Row: Amy Deighton, Lottie Sears, Edith Hart, Gladys Colson, Lizzie Allen, Carrie Bodmin, Florrie Berrill, Kate Checksfield, Kate Cox, Edith Thompson, Daisy Long, ----------Wooding, Alice Colson.

4th Row: -----------Biggs, Amy Briggs, Alice Partridge, Annie Hodby, Annie Dix, Annie or Emily Whitbread, -------- Bollard, ----------Perkins, Mable or Rose Hodgkins, Emily Okey, Elsie Lovell, Emily Spencer.

5th Row: Clara Fensome, Florrie or Minnie Houghton, Nellie Scroxton, Nellie Wilby.

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