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Alfred Street - c1906

Rushden Echo and Argus, 7th August 1931
Who Were They – Who They Were
The Winner Mrs E Harbour
8 Dayton-street, Rushden

The photo in last week’s “Echo and Argus” was taken about 25 years ago [so 1906] of the 6th Standard at Alfred-street school.

Girls Standard VI c1906

From left to right the names are:-
Top row: Edith Denton, now Mrs Lewis, of Rushden; Rose Stevens, of Rushden; Milly Berridge, now Mrs Lamb of Rushden; Matilda Tansy, married, now of Rushden; Floss Pettit, married, now living in Wales; Rose Holmes, deceased; Lizzie Neal, married, now living in Wales;
Nell Forman, married, and went to live at Raunds, deceased; Alice Bird, now Mrs Jackson, living in Canada.

2nd row: Hilda Hawes, married and went to live at Luton, deceased; Doll Barker, now Mrs Taylor, living at Rushden; Nellie Allen, living
at Rushden; Elsie Upton, married, now living in Scotland; Maggie Dix, living at Rushden; Annie Bailey, living at Rushden; Nell Cheney, now
Mrs Neal, living in Australia; Eddie Bell, married ling at Rushden; Bertha Knight, now Mrs Iles, living at Rushden.

3rd row: Em Dawkes, married; Edie Garley, living at Rushden; Amy Morris, living at Rushden; Elsie Clark, deceased; Elsie Robins, now
Mrs Harbour, living at Rushden; May Crouch, married; Miriam Clark, left Rushden.

4th row: Gladys Cox; Aggie Perkins, married, living at Rushden; Kate Bryant, living in Canada; Florrie Purslow, living at Wellingborough; Florrie Nobles; Em Borman, went to Birmingham. The teacher was Miss Cauldwell, who went to Canada.

1906 Standard VII girls
Alfred Street Girls 1906 Standard VII

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