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Article presented by Karon Rice
Bob Whitworth

From Broughton to Denfield Park

Rushden-born Bob Whitworth went to Newton Road School, he passed the eleven plus, and went to the Wellingborough Grammar School. He did National Service in 1954-56. Bob trained at Borough Road College, London, and at the end of his course he wrote "A Study of the Growth and Development of the Parish of Rushden".

Bob's first teaching appointment was in 1958 at Newton Road Junior School, where he stayed until 1967. He was married to Ann in 1964 and they had two sons. His next post was at Croyland Road Junior School, Wellingborough. In 1970 he became Headmaster at Broughton Primary School. On arriving at the school the Rev. M. R. Miles wrote in the parish magazine, "We welcome him to our community and hope that he will be successful here." In 1977 a report in The Evening Telegraph said "We congratulate Mr. B. Whitworth on his appointment as Head Teacher of a new school in Rushden - near his home. We hope that it will prove to be for him a very happy sphere of work with plenty of scope for his abilities. We do not however congratulate ourselves for losing him from Broughton where he has done notable work. We are most grateful for all that he has done for the school, Village and Church. Please pray that a worthy successor be found and appointed."

Bob was headmaster at Denfield Park until he retired in December1994, and during his time there he had collected many newsclips about the school, in several scrapbooks.

Photograph of Bob Whitworth being presented with binoculars
Photograph of Bob Whitworth being presented with picture by Mr.C.P.Lord
Binoculars for Head
Bob was given a pair of binoculars and an A.A. Book of the Road on behalf of the pupils of Broughton Primary School, presented by Mr. D.E Hutchinson, chairman of the school managers (centre).
With them is Mrs Ann Whitworth.
Bob admires a drawing of the school which was presented to him by the Parent Teacher Association. With him are (left) Mrs.G.M.Lawrence, deputy head and (right) Mr.P.C.Lord, treasurer of the PTA, who drew the picture.

photograph ofBob Whitworth being presented with a pen
photograph of Bob Whitworth and wife being presented with flowers

Left: March 1977 Bob is presented with a pen from the kitchen and dining room staff at his ceremony upon leaving Broughton Primary School.

Above: At the same ceremony Bob and his wife Ann, receiving a bouquet of flowers by school pupil, Patricia Panther .

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