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Article by Harriett Cookson, Caitlin Allen and Jordan Jenkins
A Brief History of Denfield Park School

Denfield Parl School Log Book
Sample page from Denfield Park School Log Book
This article has been written by Harriett Cookson, Caitlin Allen and Jordan Jenkins with the help of a school Log Book (above)

The school opened on Thursday September 1st 1977, at 9:00 am with 112 children attending.

The girls played their first netball match against Higham Junior on October 3rd 1977 and they sadly lost.

On December 3rd 1977, Denfield Park had their first ever concert.

On September 21st 1978, there was a fire drill and it took only 35 seconds for the school to be evacuated!

On April 29th 1979 the children returned from the school’s first ever residential visit. It was held in North Wales.

On November 19th 1986, the school was broken into and two stereo speakers were stolen.

On January 14th 1987 there was a heavy blizzard and only 72% of the pupils attended.

On March 10th 1989  a red nose mini disco was held to raise money for comic relief and the school raised £100

On December 17th 1993, the school celebrated Christmas by singing carols around the Christmas tree.

On December 16th 1994, Mr Whitworth retires after 17 and a half years service. He retires with mixed feelings and he signs off in the log book wishing the new Head Teacher Mrs Tite “every success for the future.”

Click here for Bob Whitworth's recollections of his time at Denfield Park

Mrs Tite became the new Head Teacher on January 4th 1995 stating she “is thrilled with her appointment having despite being sad to leave Ecton Primary.”

On March 25th 1995, Denfield Park win the Rushden and District netball tournament.

The log book entries ended after this year. Here are some other significant dates below.

September 2001. Following Mrs Tite’s secondment to Croyland, Mrs Griffiths takes her place as Acting Head Teacher.

September 2002. Mrs Griffiths becomes the third Head Teacher of Denfield Park Junior School. She has held the post to the present day.

June 2003. The school is inspected by OFSTED and receives praise for being a very well run school.

5th February 2004. School extension officially opened.

February 2008. The school was praised by OFSTED for providing outstanding personal development for the children.

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