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Rose Hill School

Advert in the Wellingborough News, 8th November 1879
Conducted By
Miss E. Steel and Miss A. Self

THIS School is established with the aim
of affording a sound practical education
to children, on the modern system.
Evening classes will be held.
Private lessons given in French,
Drawing, Music, and Singing.

Full particulars on application.

Noted From Kelly's Directory

The Principal of the school in 1885 was
Miss Esther A Eccles.

Miss Lizzie Smith, aged 45 and born in Huntingdon, was the principal in 1890.

Wellingborough & Kettering News, April 9th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

RUSHDEN—ROSE HILL SCHOOL—On Wednesday evening a concert was given by the pupils of this school in the Temperance Hall. There was a very large attendance, and the performance reflected much credit upon the school. The following was the programme:— Duet in D, Misses A. and N. Browning; part song, "April;" pianoforte duet, "Una voce poco fa," Misses A. Ward and E. Green: recitation, "Bruce and the spider," Miss S. Warren; pianoforte solo, "La Sympathie," Miss G. Peet; comic song, "Have you seen my doll?" accompanied by Miss B. Skinner; pianoforte solo, "March," Master F. Perkins; recitation, "The clucking hen," Miss N. Bellingham; operetta, "Cinderella"; pianoforte solo, "Killarney," Miss B. Fisher; recitation, "The fight of Xerxes," Master A. Peet; pianoforte solo, "Ionia," Miss E. Green; part song, "See our oars;" dialogue, "An American Sam Weller," Masters A. and W. Peet; pianoforce solo, "Blunmenleid," Miss A. Browning; pianoforte trio, "See the Conquering Hero comes," Misses F. Cave, S. Warren, and E. Claridge; part song; "Let the hills resound;" pianoforte solo, "La Ci Darem," Miss L. Sanders; recitation, "Ivry," Miss E. Claridge; pianoforte solo, "The sailor’s dream," Master F. Perkins; vocal trio, "We are nymphs of the ocean spray," Misses N. Browning, F. Cave, and E. Margetts; pianoforte solo, "Air from Somnambula," Miss B. Skinner; recitation, "The Arab’s farewell to his steed," Miss B. Fisher; operetta, "Puss in Boots;" pianoforte solo, "Mazurka," Miss N. Browning; recitiation "Cassablanca," Miss A. Sykes; part song, "Canadian Boat Song;" Prince of Wales’ harp and piano, "St. Patrick’s Day," Miss E. Green, and F. Cave; part song, "Sleep gentle lady;" "God Save the Queen".

Wellingborough & Kettering News, November 5th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

RUSHDEN—ROSE HILL SCHOOLA concert was given at the Temperance Hall, Rushden, on Friday the 28th ult., by the pupils of the above School. The admission was by ticket, and so great was the demand that numbers had to be refused, and the Hall was literally packed. The performance of the different pupils reflected the greatest credit on their teachers, especially as the recitations by the smallest children, as well as by those of rather riper years were given with a distinctness seldom heard. The musical part of the programme was rendered very nicely, the Misses B. Fisher, M. and L. Sanders, and L. Saxby, B. Skinner, N. Browning, and G. Peet being very correct, as was also Master Perkins and Miss Green's duet. The recitations of Miss E. Claridge and Master Knight were much admired, while little Miss Billingham was encored. Miss Webb's riddle was very curious, and Master Peet's "Buttery Dick" caused much amusement. "Dirty Jack," by Master Webb, was listened to with much attention. The cantata was a novelty, and appeared to be much enjoyed by the large audience. The following was the programme:—

Part I.—Overture to "Tancredi,'' Misses B. Fisher and M. Sanders; part song, "The Blue Bells of Scotland;" recitation, "Beth Gelert," Miss E. Claridge; pianoforte duet, "Thy voice is near," Misses B. Skinner and Gertie Peet; recitation, "The Old and New Shoes," Master F. Knight; pianoforte duet, "The Bloom is on the Rye," Miss F. and Master H. Webb; recitation, "The Wasp and the Bee," Miss M. Billingham; comic song, "Tommy Wattle;" pianoforte duet, "Gavotte," Miss E. Green and Master F. Perkins; recitation, "A Riddle" Miss F. Webb; part song, "From Oberon in Fairy Land;" recitation, "Buttery Dick," Master W. Peet; pianoforte duet, "Krieger's Lust March" Misses L. Saxby and L. Sanders; recitation, "Dirty Jack," Master H. Webb; pianoforte duet, "La Zingara," Misses N. Browning and B. Fisher. Part II.--A cantata, "Red Riding Hood's Rescue" personations: Red Riding Hood, Miss N. Browning; Mother, Miss F. Cave; Robinette, Miss E. Green; Woodman, Master A. Peet; Wolf, Master F. Browning ; Buttercup, Miss B. Skinner; Rose, Miss A Ward; Blue Bells, Misses M. A. Thompson and Gertie Peet, assisted by Misses A. Green, M. Skinner, L. Payne, and Grace Peet. "God save the Queen."

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