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Tennyson Road Boys School

The new school block Part of the HORSA building
The new block built in 1957
Outside the woodwork classroom of the old building

In 2003 Geoff Wiggins & Clive Wood, both old boys from the 1950's intakes, started to
gather old photographs and produce a book. The foreword was written by Bert Catlin.
The text was by Geoff and Clive did the artwork.

Geoff Wiggins

Entered School 01.09.54

Left School 25.07.58

First pupil to return to the Boys' School as a teacher. Interests local history, sport, reading and publishing local interest books. Member of Rushden & Districty History Society, Rushden & Higham R.U.F.C, Rushden Town Bowls Club. Son of Reg and Annie (nee Abbott). Married with 2 sons.

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Geoff Wiggins The School House Badges
Clive Wood

Entered school 05.09.50

Left School 23.07.54

Signwriter, apprenticed to Ashley Signs for 15 years, self employed since then. Interests - local history, country houses, heraldry, woodcarving, collecting and local politics. District Councillor, E.N.C. Chairman 1984-85, Rushden Town Councillor, Mayor 2001/2. Founder member of Rushden Amenities Society Hon. sec. for 36 years, supports National Trust, Norfolk Ornithologists, CPRE. Only son of Harry William and Joan (nee Muscutt).

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Clive Wood

I was delighted to be asked to write a foreword to this book. It covers the period 1949 - 1957, the first eight years of the 42 year life of the school

It is a sobering thought that the school no longer exists whilst all the other schools still stand and play a part educationally or otherwise in the life of our town, i.e. the original South End School (now the Gospel Church), Alfred Street Junior, Newton Road Primary, North End School (now Hayway Infants and Nursery School), Tennyson Road Infants and finally Moor Road School (now a Youth Centre).

This booklet is a most valuable record of those early years and one which I personally will treasure. Tennyson Road Boys, Rushden Secondary Modern Boys School, Rushden Comprehensive School For Boys, Rushden Boys School or even Bert's Academey, call it what you will, was a place where I spent the whole of my working life. A working life that gave great pleasure and satisfaction and I am proud to have played a part in the education of some hundreds, indeed thousands of Rushden lads.

Finally, congratulations and sincere thanks to Clive and Geoff for their enthusiasm and loyalty to their school in the production of this booklet.

H. W. Catlin D.F.C. (Bert!)

Assistant teacher 1949 - 1951, Deputy Head 1951 - 1957, Headmaster 1957- 1980.

Bert in 1957
The uniform badges
Above the 4 house badges

Chichele (Yellows)

DeFerrers (Reds)

Peverel (Blues)

Sartoris (Greens)

(left) the school badges

The artwork of the school badges and house badges were painted by Clive.

Photograph taken at the Book Launch

left - right : Mick Hill, John Abbott, Mrs Kath Barry (wife and escort of Barry who is now confined to a wheelchair), Clive Wood, John Baker, John Shortland, Dave Seabrooks and Geoff Wiggins

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