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Wellingborough Technical School

In the 1950s those who passed the 11+ exam could go on to higher education at Wellingborough.
The girls could go to the County High School, the boys to the Grammar School, or
those with a practical flair could opt for the Technical School which was mixed.

1954 football team
Technical School - Football - 1954 Mobbs Cup Winners

Back row: Back Row, 1 John Newitt, 10 Dave Desborough
2nd row: 1st left Graham Holloway, ?, Joe Sharman, Richard Gilson, John Crowhurst, Malcom Langford, Michael Martin, ?, Michael Parnell, ?, John Hewitt, 12 David Hart
3rd row: 3rd from left Karl Tomalin, 6 Norman Tilley, 7 John Tomkins, 8 David Earl, ?, 10 John Eaton.
4th row (double-row): 3rd left Teresa Gilbert, ?, Tina Hudson, Diana Aldwinckle, ?, ..Edwards, ?, Carol Blackwell, Christine White, Judy Collins
5th row: 4th from left - Maureen Bozeat
6th row: 1 Owen Roberts, far right Richard Smeathers
Back row: 1 John Tivey, 13 Michael (Zeke) Freeman
2nd row: 3rd is Tony Denton, ?, ?, .. Whitehead, ?, Colin Green , Brian Gosling, John Goss, Tony Sanders, 12th Michael (Biffo) Byford, Barry Cooper, .. Layrum, ?.
3rd row: 3rd left Brian Odell, 11th .. Lawrence, 14 Alan Copperwheat
4th row (double row): 2nd Pat Williams, 4th Yvonne Heley, 6th Eileen Bond, ?, Marion Coles, 12th Kay Clark, 13 Janet Chapman, 18th Judy Rivett, ?, Maureen Rogers
5th Row: 6 John (Connie) Rollins, 8th Miss Kefford, Miss Thompson, Mr Garratt, Miss Bursnell, Mr Parish.
Seated in front: Richard Smeathers, ?, ?.
Back row: 1st left Michael (Zeke) Freeman, John Tivey, ?, Carl Rainbow, 13th Don Talbot
2nd row: .. Layrum, ?, ?, .. Desborough, Barry Cooper, Harry Twelvetree, 10th Dave Joyce
3rd row: 1st left Alan Copperwheat, 14th Gordon Chapman
4th row (double row): 9th Janet Bingham, ?, Pat Medlin, Lyn Edmunds, Christine White, ?, Ann Perkins, ?, ?, Joy Walsingham, Deanne Denton, ?, Karon Valentine, ?, Geraldine West.
Front row: Miss Bursnell, Mr Parish, Mr Austin, Mr Wykes, Mrs Buckta, Mr Walker, Mr Dofort, Mr Rich, Mr Buckley, Mr Mitchell, Mr Weeden.
Backrow: 4, Tim Hickling, 5th Peter Ceely, 9th John James
2nd row: far right David Whitworth.
3rd row: 2nd from left Paul Armstrong, ?, ?, John Seckington, ?, John Alderman,
4th row (double row): Karon Valentine, ?, Geraldine West
Front row: Mr Weeden, Mr Verow, Miss Gardner, Mr Dunkley, Mr Wood, ?, Jeanette Luck, Alice Sinfield
Seated in front:
Back row: 4th from left Alan Palmer, 6th Don Arbur, 9th John Cooper
2nd row: 12th John Daly
3rd row: 3rd Brian Odell
4th row: 2nd from right Helen Wilmott, and far right Barbara Vorley
5th row: 4th left Ian Kavanagh, Mary Slinger, ?, ?, ?, ?, Margaret Snary, Christine Fuller, Pat Leyland
6th row: 3rd Michael Rollins, 9th Ronald (Bungy) Bryant

We'd be pleased to add any names that are sent in to us.

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