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Memories of the bomb

Bomb damage at Alfred Street School

Memories of the Bombing of Alfred Street School, by Roy Presland

On a typical Thursday morning, October 3rd 1940, we were having a lesson when the ceiling fell down. I don't recall a bang, just the noise of falling masonry. We all crouched down below our desks (we may have been told to, but I cannot remember). When the dust had settled we were led into the air-raid shelters in the playground. During this time we didn't know that the next classroom had been devastated by a bomb, with children buried under the rubble and seven children being killed as a result. I think our teacher was Miss George later becoming Mrs Allen.

After the bombing, we had a short time off school and then most of the school moved to the top floor of the Windmill Club. I cannot remember how long I was there. Later I moved to St.Mark's Church in Highfield Road, where I finished my Junior Schooling - so never returned to the Alfred Street School building. My teachers in these latter years were- Mrs Hoffman, Mrs O'Connor and Miss Wright. Miss Wright was the teacher in the class that took the direct hit.

If you have any memories to share with us, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

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