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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 5th June, 1942, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Memories of Tragic Day
Re-opening of Bombed Rushden School

Memories of a tragic day in the history of the Rushden Alfred-street School were awakened this morning (Friday) when the Infants’ Department was re-opened after general renovation and partial rebuilding.

In 1940 the building was a target for German ferocity during a daylight air raid. A classroom received a direct hit and seven scholars were killed, some others receiving injuries.

The devastated classroom was at that time occupied by the youngest class in the senior school. It was on the ground floor, and above it was another floor containing the clinic. After the raid the junior school was able to continue working in its premises, but the section of the building housing the Infants’ School had to be vacated.

Temporary classrooms were established at St. Peter’s Church Room, the Boy Scout Headquarters and the Full Gospel Church. For many months the scattered school has worked under great difficulties.


When the children arrived at Alfred-street to-day (the work of installing the furniture was carried out during the week) they found several improvements, not the least of which is the airy, well-lit single-storeyed hall replacing the two storeyed section which received the main force of the Nazi blast. Decorated, like the remainder of the rooms, in light green and cream, this one is lighted from large windows at each end and two large skylights in the roof.

Another addition to the school is a spacious air-raid shelter, built into the main structure.

For a time it will still be necessary for one class, under Miss Basson, to remain at the Full Gospel Hall. A new headmistress, Miss H. Foxworthy, of Altrincham, will soon be arriving as successor to Miss D. Hill, who has taken another appointment.

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