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Alfred Street School
Reunion 2010

These photographs were taken on October 3rd 2010 when ex-pupils came to the unveiling of a
Blue Plaque and a service, held commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bomb falling on their school.
If you can add any names - please contact us.

Miss George's Class
Left-right: Greta Burt (now Martin), Peter Harris, Edith Wyman,
Madeline Cox (now Sturgeon), Joan Denny, Roy Presland,
with Brian Tarry now of Canada standing.
Miss Bennett's Class
Left-right: Eric Fowell, Teddy Millward, Mr King, Derek Neville,
David Harlow.
Miss Wright's Class
Left-right: John Martin, Irene Cooper, Irene Brassington,
Mavis Pendered (now Dickens)
Miss Eady's Class
Left-right: Jean Fowell (now Pratt), Tony Penn, Pam Allen, Ken Smith
Miss Wright's Class
Left John Chettle, right John Bishop

Miss Basson's Class
Centre is John Marriott, right Jacqueline Knight (now Wagstaff)
Mr Brightwell's Class
Left-right: Cath Percival, Rene Roberts,
Arthur Betts.

A page from a school book
A page from a school book on display:
Aid to China, by John Neville

Illustrated by John Hardwick

Penmanship by Greta Burt

If you see a man or woman on the street with an “Aid to China” collecting box, please put all you can spare into the box. Nearly six years ago today China’s four hundred and twenty millions were plunged into war against the highly mechanised Army of Japan. The Chinese Army had fallen into sad neglect, the Chinese Air Force hardly existed, and as Japan soon occupied the cou.....

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