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Board Schools - 1878 Prizes

A new Board School was built in 1879 in Alfred Street

Wellingborough News, 13th April 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

PRIZES FOR SCHOLARSMr. Knight, in accordance with a notice given at a previous meeting, proposed. "That a sum not exceeding £2 be spent in the purchase of books for prizes for the scholars for regularity of attendance and progress." He thought some encouragement ought to be given to the children to apply themselves to their studies, and to be regular in their attendance at school.

The Clerk thought the prizes should take the form of books; he should not advise the Board to give prizes in money, as he should have some doubt as to the legality of that.

The Chairman did not think the amount would be badly spent in the way Mr. Knight desired, because it would encourage the children to try and get on. He seconded the resolution.

The proposition was carried.

Wellingborough News, 13th July 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

SUCCESSFUL SCHOLARSOn Friday, the 5th inst the Chairman of the School Board, the Vice-Chairman, and Mr. Knight attended at the Board Schools and distributed prizes, consisting of books, for regular attendance and proficiency to the following scholars:— William Clarke, Harry Knight, James Jacques, John Colson, Harry Sanders, Mary Wooley Oliver Claridge, George Colson, Benjamin Ladds, Charles Crick, Charles Neal, Emily Knight, Fred. Sargent, Samuel Clayton, Eva Sargent, Mary Willmott, Ellen Chettle, Eliza Sherwood, Herbert Sargent, William Linnitt, Lilly Darnell, John Maddock, William Brown, Elizabeth Clarke. Three prizes for needlework:—Mary Bull, Angelina Crick, Emily Sargent.

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