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Careers Convention 1971

Room 8 Agriculture Representative of Northamptonshire College of Agriculture
Room 6 Art and Design Representative of Northampton School of Art
Hall Banking Representatives fron National Westminster Bank
Room 5 Building Mr. R. Day
Room 1 Catering Mr. I. C. B. Jarvis
Room 2 Civil Service Mr. P. D. Spence
Room 2 Clerical Work and Computers Mr. K. F. Warner
Room 9 Clothing Manufacture Mr. P. Connolly
Room 1 Clothing Manufacture and Tailoring Mr. H. W. Munns
Room 4 Electrical Contracting Mr. J .R. C. Timpson
Room 5 Engineering Mr. W. Howard
Library Fire Service Mr. T. M. Goddard
Room 8 Floristry Mr. B. Palmer
Hall Footwear Industry Representatives of Industry and Boot and Shoe Technical College
Hall Further Education Grants Mr. I. P. Rigby-Smith
Room 5 Gas Fitting Representative of East Midlands Gas Board
Room 6 Hairdressing Mrs. A. B. Rennie
Library Royal Navy and Royal Marines Lieutenant G. A. Davies, R.M.
Library Army Major P. P. Kelly
Library Royal Air Force Squadron Leader D. A. Rolph, MBE.
Room 8 Laboratory Work Mrs. C. Holbrook
Hall Leather Dressing Mr. H. G. Karris
Hall Library Work Miss H. L. Arnsby
Room 3 Merchant Navy Mr. B. Shuttlewood
Room 4 Motor Vehicle Repair Mr. M. W. Billson
Hall Nursery Nursing Mrs. B. Hofman
Hall Nursing and Hospital Careers Representatives from Kettering General Hospital
Library Police Representatives from Northamptonshire County Constabulary
Room 3 Post Office Telecommunications Mr. K. C. Brameld
Room 6 Printing Mr. A. Spencer
Room 5 Radio and Television and Electronics Mr. P. W. Elson
Room 1 Retail Trade Mr. R. R. Griffiths
Hall Wellingborough Technical College Mr. A. W. Ball and Mr. D. Walker (Technical Subjects)
Hall Wellingborough Technical College Mr. D. Frost (G.C.E. and Commercial Subjects)
Hall Youth Employment Service Mrs. C. A. Bailey and Mr. A. G. Wilford


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