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Rushden Echo, 14th July 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins
County Scholarships 1916
Local Successes

The following are the local results of this year’s Scholarship examination in connection with the Education Committee of the Northamptonshire County Council:-
Class A
Scholarships for two years, to enable boys and girls to proceed to Secondary Schools.
Clara Bayes Rushden (Rushden Newton-road Mixed)
Lewis E. Wigginton Rushden (Rushden Newton-road)
Class A (2nd Extension)
Scholarships for one year, to enable holders of extended A Scholarships to continue at Secondary Schools:-
Francis W. Litchfield Rushden (Wellingborough Grammar)
Elsie Saddler Rushden (Wellingborough County High)
George W. Spicer Rushden (Wellingborough Grammar)
Arthur Walker Rushden (Wellingborough Grammar)
Special Exhibitions of £30 a year, tenable at a University or other approved place of higher education.
John S. Harris Rushden (Wellingborough Grammar)


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