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Rushden District Education Committee

Rushden Echo, 28th April 1911, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Education Committee – More Scholarships Wanted – An Excellent School Report
A meeting of this committee was held at the Board Room on Tuesday night, when there were present Messrs J T Colson (chairman), J Claridge, F Ballard, W M Hensman, G Miller, W Chettle, E Freeman, and W B Sanders.

Free Scholarships
Mr Freeman moved that the County Education Authority be asked to consider the question of increasing the number of free scholarships and of increasing the grant towards maintenance during the period covered by the scholarship, the amount to be determined by the circumstances of the parents. He said he wished to remove some of the obstacles to some of the brightest boys and girls continuing their education at secondary schools. There were only eight scholarships for Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden—an altogether inadequate number.

Mr Miller seconded on the ground that Rushden, Kettering and Wellingborough did not get their fair share, but from a financial standpoint he did not push the matter.

Mr Claridge did not think they were in a position at present to find all the money necessary.

Mr Hensman thought it was more important to provide an extended practical education for the masses than to highly educate a few.

Newton-Road Mixed School
H M Inspector’s report on Newton-road Mixed School was as follows:- “This is distinctly a good school. The discipline is praiseworthy, most of the teaching is skilful, and the condition of the school generally in the matter of results is highly commendable. As before mentioned the use of one of the classrooms for teaching of cooking hampers the instruction and organisation. In reading and arithmetic it would be well to consider the advisability of breaking up the large classes in two or perhaps more sections. Although the powers of oral expression and original composition are carefully cultivated in many respects; a greater effort in this direction is desirable, and great care should be taken by the class teachers not to discourage individual effort, by breaking in with questions leading up to the answer before the child has had time to make his effort. Notwithstanding these slight shortcomings, whioch are common to most schools, this large and important department is in the very first line of schools of its kind, and it is a distinct pleasure to visit it and to discuss the work with its able head teacher.”

Miss Fountain, of Alfred-street Infants’ School, wrote resigning her appointment.

The resignation was accepted and it was decided to grant a testimonial.

Rushden Echo, 19th July 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden District Education Committee

The Attendance Report - School Management
Tuesday, present Messrs. J. T. Colson (chairman), J. Claridge, J.P., C.C. (vice-chairman), B. Vorley, L. Baxter, and E. Freeman, with Mr. A. Mantle (clerk and attendance officer).

Mr. Arthur Mantle (clerk and attendance officer) presented the returns of attendances for the past thirteen weeks:-


Average Attendance


Newton-road Mixed



Alfred-street Mixed



North End Mixed



Church of England Mixed



Newton-road Infants



Alfred-street Infants



North End Infants



Moor-road Infants



Church of England Infants







It was decided to close the schools on Thursday, August 1st, at 4p.m. for the summer holidays, and to re-open on Monday morning, September 2nd.

Evening Schools

It was suggested that in the session commencing next autumn several of the classes which had not been successful last year should be discontinued. It will probably be necessary to reduce the number of nights on which the school is open from five to three, in order to save gas.

Council School Managers

A meeting of the School Managers followed, Mr. J. T. Colson presiding.

Mr. Geo. Buckby, caretaker of the Newton-road schools, resigned that position, and it was resolved to recommend the appointment of Mr. A. Curtis. Mrs. S. Elmer resigned the position of caretaker at the Moor-road schools and it was resolved to recommend the appointment of Mrs. E. Berry to the vacancy.

Miss Kate Underwood, in consequence of prolonged illness, resigned her position as teacher at the Moor-road school. It was decided to recommend the appointment of Miss Winston V Stringer to the post.

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