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Rushden Echo & Argus, 27th May 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins
Empire Day at Local Schools
Special Celebrations and Saluting the Flag
“Empire Pageant” at Newton Road

In accordance with the pleasing custom of previous years Empire Day was again appropriately celebrated at the various Rushden and Higham Schools on Tuesday and interesting scenes were enacted by the scholars under the able leadership of the teachers.

Intermediate School

In the morning, at the Intermediate School, the whole of the scholars assembled in the main hall and the headmaster, Mr. L. Perkins, M.B.E., gave an interesting address on the subject of Empire Day. Suitable hymns were sung and due ceremony attended the hoisting of the Union Jack, while at the close, before the children dispersed, they sang the National Anthem with enthusiasm.

South End

The Union Jack was hoisted in celebration of the day at South End School and was saluted by the scholars, who also sang Empire songs with gusto.

Observance of the occasion extended to the general lessons during the day, special talks being given by the teachers on the Empire. The National Anthem was sung at the close.

In the Infants’ School the children also saluted the flag and sang suitable pieces for Empire Day. They had also decorated the school with Union Jacks and were given an intrusive talk on the flag.

Alfred Street

All the scholars at Alfred-street School gathered in the hall and were addressed on the subject of Empire Day by the headmaster, Mr. W. W. Rial. They joined in the enthusiastic singing of Empire songs while a special feature was the recitations given by a number of children.

The Union Jack was saluted and before dispersing the scholars sang the National Anthem.

Moor Road

The infants at Moor-road also enjoyed special celebrations on Tuesday for which occasion the schoolrooms had been gaily decorated with flags. The children assembled and formally saluted the Union Jack.

Newton Road

A play appropriate to the day was the feature of the celebrations at Newton-road School, an “Empire Pageant” being performed by the senior girls. In this representation the different countries of the Empire were vividly illustrated, and the entrance of each country’s representative was greeted with music.

Most of the classes had lessons dealing with the Empire and talks were given by the teachers on the lives of great Empire founders.

The scholars saluted the flag and also snag the National Anthem, which closed the formal observance of the Day at the school.

Higham Ferrers

At the Higham Ferrers Council School the children saluted the flag, and sang suitable hymns for Empire Day. Ald. T. Patenall, the chairman of the Managers, gave a very appropriate speech in the hall where all the scholars were assembled, and at the close the National Anthem was sung.

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